Why is my Washing Machine Leaking Water?

At one time or other, all of us have seen a movie where some clueless helper tries to put a wash on and ends up adding […]
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Maytags New Front Load washer is here!

INTRODUCING MAYTAG’S NEW MHN33PN ENERGY ADVANTAGE FRONT-LOAD WASHER.   It’s not just a new front-load washer, but a big statement about laundry. It still fits smartly […]
Washer water usage comparison2

How much water is your laundry wasting?

We all care about the environment, and even more so about our own hip pocket so why are we potentially wasting so much water and money […]

Help, My Maytag Washing Machine is Broken!

Maytag is known for strong, dependable laundry appliances that minimizes challenges for users, but, occasional problems will arise, as with any machine. When you’re having trouble […]