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Girbau EcoDryer 17kg

Girbau EcoDry – Intelligence with Efficiency – 17kg Industrial Dryer.

Available in Gas, Electric or Steam.

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Girbau Ecodryer, designed to save energy and you money

The key factors to your business:

  • Performance: The transflow system (radial and an axial flow) provides an easy penetration of the hot air through the linen and making the most of their temperature.
  • Heat Capture Technology: The door system, with its double glazed dual pane, ensures a better optimisation of energy and a lower working environmental impact.
  • Longer life of the fabric: The Care drum system ensures that the fabric never comes into contact with sharp edges. The holes in the drum are pressed out.
  • Humidity Control: The moisture control system is accurate and reliable.
  • GDrive: Communication system between the inverter, motor and microprocessor ensures a longer life of the dryer.
  • Speed control: The possibility of programming the drum rotation speed in each phase of the drying program.
  • Easy maintenance: The filter is self-cleaning and the fan requires minimum maintenance.
  • Ergonomic design:   The wide door makes loading and unloading easy.
  • Direct access functions: During the process, the Eco, Soft and half load can be manually activated.
  • PROFESSIONAL Controls:  For commercial and Industrial laundry rooms. Easy programming with icons. There are 10 preset programs incorporated.
  • Available In: Natural Gas, LPG, Steam and Full Electric