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MHN33PD – Front Load Washing Machine.
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MLE/G27PD – Stack Dryer/Dryer
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MLE/G22PD – Stack Washer/Dryer

Maytag Commercial 9kg Stack Washer/Dryer built into the footprint of just one unit.

American built to survive the harshest Australian needs

Backed by industry leading 5/7 year warranty

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This American Built, Maytag Commercial High Efficiency 9kg Stack Washer/Dryer is built to give your laundry facility the speed, efficiency, and reliability it needs to operate, day after day – all within the floor space of a single washing machine alone.

Designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles and backed by the best warranty in the industry, the watertight, flexible triple-lip seal with a garter spring helps keep moisture away from the shaft, protecting our premium bearings – while our proven, durable shaft sleeve ,is designed to reduce shaft wear. These rugged internal components, along with a die-cast trunnion, result in more cycles completed over the life of machine and the ability for you to make more profit from your initial investment.

Plus, simple one touch cycle controls allow you to program each individual wash cycles for your on going profitability and best user experience. Pricing can be uniquely customized by independent cycles or even by the time-of-day – creating more opportunity for you to generate revenue.

Our Coin or Card stack washer/dryer is available in Full Electric, Natural Gas or LPG,  and backed by the industrial leading Maytag Commercial  7/5-year Parts warranty.

  • Full-Size 9kg, high-efficiency  washer and dryer in the foot print of a washing machine alone
  • Super low water and power consumption to keep your costs down on site – Only 40 liters of water per cycle
  • Dual $1 and $2 coin drop as standard, token drop option or upgrade to a Credit/Debit card reader machine
  • Easy-To-Use one-touch cycle selection
  • Super quick cycle time of only 30mins on average reduces total wash time
  • Built-in Oversudsing Protection for more cycles with less issues from user error
  • Backed by the best warranty in the industry for your peace of mind – 5/7 Year, ALL Parts Covered for 5 years and drive parts for 7 years*

CLICK HERE for MLE-G22PD Stack Washer-Dryer Spec Sheet 

5 7 Warranty





MLE22PD electric model requires hardwiring into a dedicated 25Amp Circuit and fluing to external air.
MLG22PD gas model require connection to gas and fluing by licensed gas plumber as per your local gas codes.

This model supersedes the previous Maytag Commercial stack units  including the: MLE19PD, MLG19PD,  MLE20PD, MLG20PD, MLE21PD, MLG21PD