Industrial Washing Facility Safety Slips and Falls Optimised 1

Industrial Washing Facility Safety: Slips and Falls

Did you know that slips and falls are a major cause of workplace injury in the industrial washing business? It’s true! ‘Not slipping’ may seem common […]
Make Your Commercial Washing Equipment Last Longer Optimised

Make Your Commercial Washing Equipment Last Longer

The laundry game is all about efficiency. Maximum effect, maximum efficiency, maximum output, and minimum cost. Savvy laundry owners and managers know they must squeeze every […]
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Hard Water and Commercial Laundry: How to Cope

We’ve broken down exactly what hard water is, how it affects us in Australia and what laundry owners can do to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact […]
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Does size Matter? The Importance of Volume in Industrial Washers

For commercial laundries, the volume in industrial washers can be a selling point. A bigger washer can mean the difference between two and four loads. It […]