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When you’re about to rage against the machine for not doing its job, stop and think: should I try to fix you – or send you to laundry heaven?

Knowing what to do with your washer or dryer is tricky in such an emotional moment.

What’s going to be the easiest solution? The cheapest? The quickest?

Now, you can forget the guesswork! Read on to learn the 7 signs it’s time for your washer or dryer to say goodbye to you – and hello to hard rubbish.


1. Too much racket

You know the sounds a house makes in a horror movie? The creaks, moans and cracks… especially late at night?

Think of your machine the same way. If you hear odd bumps, taps, whirls or whacks, there’s a good chance something’s off.

Your mum probably taught you step one – check that the machine’s contents are balanced. (Spoiler alert: throwing a thick coat with a small delicate in the same wash will tip those scales.)

Step two? Check if the machine is on an even surface and the legs have been levelled.
And if your laundry still sounds like an airplane taking off after all that? It’s time for a replacement.


2. Leaks in the laundry

Leaks are a laundry machine’s life or death. So, if you see your washer sporting one, it’s time to break out the ventilator and save the poor thing!

The minute your machine has an ‘accident,’ you’ll need to call for help.

Many things can cause a leak. It could be a worn or cracked seal. It could be a damaged pipe. It could be an ancient curse.

You don’t have to figure it out yourself. No matter where you are in Australia, we can come out and perform a repair assessment to help you decide whether it’s worth keeping.

(Yes, we’re an Australia-wide business!)


3. (Bad) vibrations

It’s cute when your dog wants to follow you around the house, but the washing machine should stay in its room.

Too much movement inside the machine can cause it to vibrate, waddling away from where it should be.

And a walking washer might be due to incorrect installation or failing parts.

You should never ignore a dancing machine. It might just disconnect itself from the water pipes and boogie out the door!


4. Overly long cycles

You need clothes dried ASAP. So if the load says it’ll take 30 minutes, it should take 30 minutes. Simple.

But if the timer doesn’t run down or the dryer takes forever to warm up, something could be wrong. And this can turn into a huge problem since dryers can spark fires if they run a marathon instead of a sprint.

So don’t take the risk. Get the machine assessed right away.


5. Blah results

The detergent may not be to blame if that tomato sauce stain didn’t come out.

Instead, take your dripping clothes, the laundry powder caked in the drum, and the puddles of water left behind after a cycle as signs that your machine is past its prime.

Yes, we know you’ve grown fond of your washer and dryer; it’s got you through some tough times (and stains). But an outdated machine will need more than a pep-talk to improve its performance.


6. The math doesn’t add up

Let’s be honest here. The price difference between fixing your machine and turfing it is important. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car if you could fix the old one.

In some cases though, just like a car, the cost of repairing an old washer or dryer is far more than it would be to simply replace it.

But good news! Maytag Commercial and Industrial washers and dryers offer the longest warranty in the industry. And Dependable Laundry Solutions is Australia’s sole distributor.

With us, you can buy reliability and peace of mind!


7. Poor energy efficiency

The cost of everything seems to be going up these days. But if your electricity bill follows the trend, it might be time to get a newer, greener model.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, our products are the best options in the biz. Our Maytag Commercial washing machines are backed by the leading warranty for labour and parts. They’re tough, hard-working and reliable.

For you, that means less money down the drain. And more in your back pocket.

Upgrading your old machine to a more efficient one will help Mother Nature, too. Our front-load washers, for example, only use around 40 litres of water per cycle.

Saving water? Tick. Saving money? Tick. Getting the results your business needs? BIG tick!


Where can you find a replacement? Right here!

Are some points on this list a little too close to home? If so, your machine may be ready for a replacement.

And we’re the ones for the job.

We know you need your machines to perform at their best with minimal downtime. That’s why we visit sites across Australia – and repair machines of all brands.

Our warehouse is bound to have any spare parts you need. But if it doesn’t? We can order them in for you.


Do you need a repair or replacement assessment? Contact Dependable Laundry Solutions on 1800 629 824.

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