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Premier Maintenance Membership

Our promise is in our name

Avoid breakdowns with a
Premier Maintenance Membership

Regular servicing prevents everyday wear and tear from becoming a full-blown breakdown.

When you sign up to a Premier Maintenance Membership, we’ll visit your site regularly to check your machines are running as efficiently as possible. If anything needs fixing or replacing, we’ll do it on the spot – before it causes bigger problems.

It doesn’t matter which machines you use, or where you are – our technicians service all machine types and can travel to remote locations. And we keep our van fully stocked with any spare parts we might need to get your laundry sorted in a single visit.

Your membership includes:
  • A scheduled service plan tailored to your laundry
  • Discounts on extra labour and spare parts
  • Australia-wide service

Want regular servicing that
keeps your laundry humming?

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