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Corporate Giving

Our promise is in our name

Corporate Giving: Making a Dependable Difference Together

Embracing Our Commitment to the Community

We know life is more than just laundry, which is why we take pride in not only providing top-notch laundry solutions – but also giving back to the community.

Our company ethos—Own It, Embrace It, Better It—extends beyond the doors of our business, and into the heart of making a positive impact on the lives of people in our communities.

Let’s delve into the heart of our Commitment to Community, highlighting the incredible organizations we support and why.

Zero2Hero: Empowering Mental Health Heros

At Dependable, we believe in the power of mental health awareness and destigmatization. Zero2Hero is a WA based charity that shares this belief, working tirelessly to educate, engage and empower young heroes to become mental health leaders in their community and help prevent suicide.

Zero2Hero envisions a world where every child and young person is educated and empowered to effectively deal with mental health issues. By creating safe environments, having open conversations, and empowering young leaders, Zero2Hero aims to decrease the stigma that surrounds mental illness and make it a part of everyday life!

Dependable has been able to support Zero2Hero as a gold partner for their Red Cape Ball for the last couple of years and by sponsoring students on Zero2Hero’s flagship mental health leadership camp.

By supporting Zero2Hero, we aim to contribute to the creation of a world where mental health is openly discussed, and everyone feels supported on their journey to well-being.

DV Safe Phone Box DV Safe Phone Logo

DV Safe Phone: safe phones to empower domestic violence victims

With over 2 million known victims of domestic violence, DV Safe Phones' goal is to get a phone into the hands of every domestic violence victim who needs one – no doubt a giant task!

DV Safe Phone collects, repurposes and gifts mobile phones free to domestic violence survivors through a network of over 200 agencies, safe houses and hospitals Australia-wide, provide a lifeline to call for help when it is most needed.

Dependable makes sure that all our company phones get re-purposed into the DV Safe Phone ecosystem at the end of our use of them.

Do you have a phone you no longer need or use, that you want to make a real difference in the lives of those currently experiencing domestic violence?
Our Aus Wide Head office at 119 Kew Street, Welshpool, WA 6106 has a drop off box you can drop your old phone into, and we will make sure it reaches its final destination with DV Safe Phone.

Comfort Quilts against Cancer: Piece by piece we aim to make an impact

Cancer affects people in many ways, which is why Comfort Quilts Against Cancer aims to assist as the well-being of as many cancer patients as possible throughout Australia.

Comfort Quilts for Cancer understands the importance of warmth, both physically and emotionally, during challenging times. By providing handmade quilts to those battling cancer, they bring a touch of comfort and a reminder that they are not alone. A network of volunteers tirelessly works to create with love and send handmade care packages free of charge to patients undertaking their fight against cancer. Dependable is honoured to stand alongside Comfort Quilts for Cancer, offering our support and sponsorship to help spread warmth and hope. Know somebody fighting cancer who could use one of these handmade care packages? –– nominate them here – Comfort Quilts Against Cancer

Sam's 1,000

Sam's 1000: Together we can end cancer now.

Originally started by Aussie larrikin and legend Samuel Johnson after the loss of his sister Connie to cancer, Sam’s Love Your Sister charity is focused on vanishing cancer from Australia.

Never one to rest on what he has achieved so far, Samuel Johnson is now on another epic quest – to provide Precision Medicine as standard care for all Australians, as it should be! Not happy waiting for the slow-moving government and bureaucracy, Samuel is partnering with business around Australia, to put patients on the right medicine, first time, every time and end cancer now.

We’re proud to have joined Sam’s quest as a regular financial donor to Sam’s 1000, because together we can end cancer now.

Chronically Inspired & the Honeybee Magazine – Life Beyond Disability.

Picture a society where individuals with chronic illnesses, mental health issues and disabilities are accepted into society, exactly as they are.

This is the vision that Chronically Inspired has, that we recognise all people as having the same qualities, talents, flaws and challenges as anyone else – and that everyone is given the same advantages and privileges without exception.

Dependable Laundry is proud to be able to sponsor and support the Honeybee magazine, ensuring it is available free of charge to anybody who wants it. Honeybee magazine features stories of inspiration, growth and a bit of fun from a team of lived-experience writers.

Why These Charities?

Our decision to support Zero2Hero, Comfort Quilts for Cancer, and Sam's 1000 is rooted in our belief that positive change begins at our front door.

We can’t change the world overnight, but if we all work together, we can make positive change. These charities embody values that align with our own, and we are committed to contributing to support them for a positive future. It’s not just about washing and drying clothes; it’s about making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We encourage our customers, partners, and friends to join us in supporting these incredible causes. Whether it’s through direct donations, volunteering your time, or spreading the word about these organizations, every little bit helps.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create positive change in the world.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we’re not just about clean clothes; we’re about building a caring, more compassionate world.