Robust Industrial & Commercial Laundry Equipment for Any Industry

Maytag’s industrial and commercial laundry equipment is suitable for any industry requiring frequent washes, especially for operating in harsh environments. Our customers range from five star hotels needing large industrial machines, to rural stations needing hardworking equipment and laundromats requiring coin operated washing machines. With a five star warranty and unsurpassed water and power efficiency, Maytag machines are the leading choice for any industry requiring high usage.

We service multiple industries, including:


Maytag’s long-lasting, heavy duty standard and coin or card operated washing machines can offer a reliable amenity for users and a passive income stream for business owners. Simple to use for guests or customers, a Maytag coin operated washing machine can produce an excellent result time after time. With an unrivalled warranty, Maytag machines have the structural integrity to withstand demanding and frequent use. No matter how your customers want to pay at your Coin Laundry, Maytag has you covered with options for Coin, Token or Credit / Debit Card activated machines

Hospitality & Tourism

An on-premises laundry facility to wash your linens and towels in house is a cost effective investment for any hotel, motel or resort. We can supply quality industrial and commercial laundry equipment suited to the high frequency and volume required by the hospitality industry. Our premium dryers and finishing equipment ensure your business continues to provide a high quality experience to guests.

Maintain the integrity of your linen with a superior wash in a Maytag washing machine. Our machines’ superior spin rate means more water is extracted during the cycle, leading to less time in the dryer, where the high temperatures can produce wear and tear.

Caravan Parks

Providing free or Vended (coin) operated washing machines to your guests gives your caravan park an attractive facility. However, your machines can be put to the test with frequent heavy usage. We supply non-coin and coin or card operated washing machines and dryers which can endure high use, as well as environmental factors such as poor water quality, heat and dust to survive in even the most remote tourist parks.


The tough conditions of mining camps and the demands placed on washing machines by users are a challenge successfully met by Maytag. Our industrial and commercial laundry equipment is designed to operate in the harshest of environments. Maytag washing machines can withstand power fluctuations, high calcium water, dust and high temperatures. With our reliable after-sales care, you are supported throughout the lifetime of your Maytag machinery.


Maytag commercial and industrial machines can maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene for hospital, aged care and other health facilities. We understand the critical need for your washers and dryers to remain operational, with minimal or no downtime. Our machines are built to withstand constant and heavy use, whilst maintaining a high level of water and power efficiency. We also have the after-sales support needed to keep your machines running at optimum performance.

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