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Industrial Washers Built for Optimal Laundry Efficiency

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we specialise in providing Industrial washing machines designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-capacity, high-frequency laundry environments. Our industrial washers, available in sizes ranging from 11 kgs to 33kgs, and in high spin soft mount or low spin rigid mount configurations, are built for ultimate durability and efficiency. Whether you’re operating an aged care home, hotel, or any other setting that requires the disinfection and handling of extra-large wash loads, our industrial washing machines are the ideal solution. These machines ensure unparalleled cleanliness and longevity. 

Engineered with the distinct needs of industrial laundry operations in mind, our machines are built to perform consistently under the toughest conditions. While commercial washers are built to do a number of loads each day, and designed for ease of use, our industrial laundry machines are built for the heavy-duty requirements of continuous use, capable of accommodating extra-large loads all day long. 

Dependable Solutions for High-Capacity Industrial Washing Needs

Our industrial washing machines are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for high-volume laundry operations. Regardless of your facility’s specific requirements, we offer a range of solutions that can be customised to meet your needs. Advanced control systems provide granular oversight, allowing you to fine-tune water levels, chemical dosing, and a wealth of customisable wash programs. By investing in our industrial washing machines, you’ll unlock operational efficiencies, cost savings, and superior cleaning results that will revolutionise your laundry operations.

Explore our selection and discover how the latest advancements in industrial washing machines can elevate your business. Stuck and don’t know the best machine for your needs? Give our laundry sales specialists a call and we can come out to your site to meet you, assess your laundry needs, and provide tailored laundry equipment solutions.

Industrial Washing Machines

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