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Coin and Card
Operated Washing Machines

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Flexible Payment Options To Modernise Your Laundry Operations

Coin and token operated laundry equipment has been around for decades, be it a laundromat, caravan park, student accommodation building or accommodation facility – we at Dependable Laundry Solutions have also been around laundry for (many, many) decades, and understand the evolving needs of modern payment operated laundry rooms. That’s why we offer an array of card and coin operated washing machines and payment solutions.

Our card and coin operated washing machines are designed with businesses in mind, offering ease of use, high capacity, and quick cycle times to ensure efficiency and profitability. Whether you’re upgrading your existing laundry setup or starting a new venture, our versatile payment options cater to all customer preferences. No matter if you want to charge $4, $5 or $6 per wash, we can set up your new laundry equipment to match your site-specific needs. Be it coins, cards or even tokens, we have solutions for it all.

Future proofed Laundry Solutions with Card Operated Machines

While Coin-operated washing machines might be what you’ve had for many years, future proofing your laundry room by upgrading to Credit / Debit Card operated washing machines provides significant advantages for most businesses, from holiday parks to temporary accommodations. This allows customers to pay with the payment type they are most likely have on them. Card operated washers not only normally see an increase in revenue when compared to coin machines, but also reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism in your laundry.

Only recently installed new coin operated washers? Don’t worry, we also provide Card Reader Retrofit Kits, enabling a seamless transition to card payments. It’s our job to make sure our credit / debit card and coin-operated machines are not just reliable, but also a smart investment for your business. Together, we can maximise your profits and streamline your operations, all the while making the laundry process easier for your guests! 

Coin & Card Operated Washing Machines

Recommended Coin and Card
Operated Washing Machines

Maytag Commercial Coin & Card Operated Washing Machines - Model MHN33PD

MHN33PD Maytag Commercial 9kg Front Load Washer – Coin or Card

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Maytag top load coin operated washing machines - Model MAT20PD

MAT20PD Maytag Commercial 8.5kg Top Load Washer – Coin or Card

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Card Reader Retrofit Kit for Washing Machines and Dryers

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