Answers to Common Questions about Our Maytag Washers & Commercial Dryers

With so many years in the industry, Dependable Laundry Solutions has come across questions from customers throughout Australia about their Maytag washer, dryer and laundry equipment. Read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1Where are you located?
Our Head Office, Admin staff and Spare Parts department all work out of our 119 Kew Street, Welshpool address in W.A. But, as the only Australia Wide Maytag Commercial and Industrial distributor we have warehouses with stock ready to go for you in Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as well as sales and service staff Australia Wide.
2What brands do you service?
We supply New Maytag Card, Coin, Commercial and Industrial Washers and Dryers Australia Wide but also supply spare parts and service for all brands of commercial or industrial laundry equipment.
3Do you have a showroom where I can see your products?
Visit our Perth Head Office and showroom on the corner of Kew Street and Orrong Road, Welshpool. We also have warehouses throughout Australia and will be able to help you out no matter where you are located.
4Are your machines suitable for domestic use?
Our commercial machines are 8 – 9kg and can be suitable for domestic use or situations where a standard domestic washer cannot handle the frequency of use. These machines have the same connections and power requirements of domestic machines. However, a commercial Maytag dryer, as well as other brands, require hard-wiring into dedicated 25amp single phase circuit, which may not be available in a domestic laundry.
5Will it withstand harsh conditions?
Our machines are built to continue operating even in the harshest of environments. A Maytag washer or dryer can endure fluctuating power, high calcium water, dust and high temperatures.
6Will your machines extend the life of my linen/clothing?
A good quality commercial or industrial Front Load Washer can help maintain the integrity of clothing, bedding or towels. It’s in the dryer where the most wear and tear can occur. A faster spin cycle in your washing machine will remove more water from your items, which means less time in the dryer and less damage to your linens. Front Load Washing Machines will also perform a better quality clean than a Top Load Washer, when dealing with delicate loads of washing a Front Load is your best choice.
7Can I repair the machine myself?
Our machines are built simply and can be repaired once you have some knowledge of the machine. We strongly recommend attending one of our Service Schools to learn more about your machine so you can carry out repairs if needed and you understand the government rules and regulations which need to be followed when installing a machine or performing maintenance.
8How long will my washing machine last?
It will depend on how and where you use your machine and the level of care and preventative maintenance it receives over its life. Our machines are built strong but frequent use in harsh conditions can reduce the lifespan of any machine. Maytag Commercial backs our machines with the longest and best warranty in the industry, so you know your investment in a Maytag will outlast any other machine.
9What sizes are your machines?
Our machines range in size from commercial machines at 8 – 9kg up to 150kg from an industrial sized machine.
10Do you stock spare parts?
Yes, we have an extensive range of spare parts for both washing machines and commercial Maytag dryers, as well as parts for all other brands including Alliance, Speed Queen, Huebsch, Primus, Electrolux and Dexter to name a few. With 97% of Maytag Parts in stock at all times and with our overnight express airbag shipping, we can supply your parts to you anywhere in Australia within 24 hours.
11Are there special power requirements for a commercial machine?
A commercial washing machine requires a standard 10amp power source. Commercial Maytag dryers need a 25amp power source and our commercial stack Washer/Dryers will also require hard-wiring into a dedicated 25AMP circuit. Industrial Washer and Dryer power requirements will vary by model, but we can provide full spec sheets and install manuals to confirm each models needs.
12We have specific requirements. Can you recommend a machine to suit our situation?
Our helpful consultants can guide you through the purchase of your machine, whether you require a single purchase or need to stock a new laundry at a mining site, caravan park or hotel.

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