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Dependable Laundry Solutions day of Service Training in both Perth and Darwin were a huge success with everybody walking away with some new hints and tips!

We would like to say a huge thanks to all our remote service agents and techs that made it to our training day’s held by Steve Parks, Senior Service Technician of Maytag Commercial Laundry from Whirlpool International.

Steve Parks spent the Days of Service Training running through the features, service and maintenance information on Maytag’s Commercial Units.

Covering Maytag’s Top Load Washers, Single and Stack Dryers as well as Stack Washer / Dryers and High Efficiency Front Load Washers ensures Dependable Laundry Solutions techs through out W.A and the N.T have the most up to date knowledge to keep Maytag’s commercial units running fault free no matter how rural or remote they are.

Check out our Service School Page to find out more about our Maytag Service training and register for our next remote tech service school.

Dependable Laundry Solution’s techs also spent a number of days with Steve focusing on Maytag’s new series of Commercial Top Load Washers, Front Load Washers and Multi load Dryers to ensure we always back our products up with the best Maytag Service – You can book a service visit from on of the Dependable Service technicians HERE.

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