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Dependable Laundry Solutions works with many incredible businesses that are essential to their communities all over Australia. Whether it be hotels and caravan parks bringing tourism into towns, hospitals and aged care homes looking after our families, laundromats adding ease to our everyday life, or veterinary clinics taking care of our furry friends, we respect all that our clients do.

We know that as business owners, you can’t afford to have your laundry equipment out of action. If you rely heavily on the supply of clean materials for your everyday operations, a machine break down could mean a backlog that leaves you short of supplies, or time and money spent taking your laundry off-site.

How can Dependable Laundry Solutions help you to avoid the inconvenience of a machine breakdown?

Prevention is our priority.

The best way to escape the annoyance of a breakdown is to have your machines regularly serviced. Regular, scheduled maintenance catches any problems before they have the chance to occur.

To make the organisation of regular maintenance for your laundry machines easier for you, the Dependable Laundry Solutions team has now introduced the Premier Maintenance Membership.

What is a Premier Maintenance Membership?

Our commitment to customer service doesn’t end when we deliver your machines. Our new Premier Maintenance Membership program is a way for us to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with how their laundry machines are operating.

The membership will significantly lower the risk of your machines breaking down and save you money on any required repairs. It will help you avoid the costly process of sending your laundry off-site or having to completely replace machines because they have gone without maintenance for too long.

What does a Premier Maintenance Membership include?

Your Premier Maintenance Membership will be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The type, number, and level of use of your machines will determine if your maintenance is scheduled for once every six months or once every twelve months.

Your business will have its own dedicated Dependable Laundry technician, who will get to know your specific requirements and carry out any needed repairs.

With the Premier Maintenance Membership, you will receive a 10% discount on any labour costs and on the price of all spare parts.

The beauty of the membership is that we keep track of the maintenance schedule for you.  Our team can send you a reminder of when maintenance is scheduled and find a time that best suits you.

What happens if a machine breaks down in between maintenance check-ups?

The Premier Maintenance Membership will greatly decrease the chance of this happening. However, please do not hesitate to contact Dependable Laundry Solutions immediately if your machine has any issues.

We have the most extensive range of Maytag spare parts available anywhere in Australia. For this reason, it would rarely take longer than 24-hours for us to supply the spare part needed to fix the issue. Your dedicated technician will have your machines up and running in the quickest time possible.

To sign up, or learn more about the Premier Maintenance Membership, give our team a call on 1800 629 824.

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