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Can I buy a stack washer/washer?

When browsing our range of Commercial and Coin/Card operated laundry equipment, you may have noticed that there are no options to purchase a stacked washer/washer machines.

While we do have stack washer/dryers and even stack dryer/dryers, the one thing we get often asked for is a stacked washer/washer combo unit – and we are here to let you know what that can not be done.

Why can’t I stack two washing machines?

The most common sold stack machine in Australia is the stack washer/dryer, this stack unit has the washing machine on the bottom of it with a dryer built up on top of the stack unit.

So, why can’t we switch that around or have two washing machines stacked on top of each other?

The simple answer is water.

Once your washing machine starts filling up with water, with the inner drum spinning back and forth to pick the linens In and out of the water to provide a scrubbing-like cleaning action you have a large amount of weight and movement happening inside your machine.

On any other stack machine, the washing machine is on the bottom to act as an anchor and prevent any movement from this weight and force of the spinning motion.
Trying to install a washing machine on the top of a stack unit would lead to the stacked machines going out of balance, shifting, and possibly becoming unsafe.

The great centrifugal force of the spinning wet clothes can throw off the centre of gravity of the washing machine, potentially causing it to topple. Also, the weight of a machine full of water, plus the force of the vibrations, may damage any machine that it is stacked on top of.

However, it is perfectly safe to stack a dryer on top of a washing machine, as without the water, the dryer’s weight isn’t too great.

Can I stack other types of machines?

Yes! It is possible to order your new commercial units as a stacked washer/dryer unit or a stacked dryer/dryer with two dryers stacked into one unit. All of the machines must be front-loaders. However, you will not be able to stack “single” Maytag commercial units, they must be ordered as a pre-built stack unit for the strongest integrity possible in stacked laundry equipment.

Dependable Laundry Solutions supply the most reliable brands on the market; the American-built Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment. Our friendly team can advise you on the best stack units for your space-saving requirements.

When is a stack machine right for you?

Stack units are designed for space-saving, with two units built up into the floor space of just one.

When you need more laundry equipment without taking up more room space, a stacked washer/dryer or stacked dryer/dryer is the perfect solution.

Dependable Laundry Solutions offers the following washer/dryer stacked options:

We also offer the following dryer/dryer stacked options:

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