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Each and every year, new technological developments are made that leave what came before them in the dust. Once DVDs came along, your expansive VHS collection became obsolete, and with the rise of Netflix and online streaming, DVDs will be the next things to go.

Similarly, as technologies such as PayPass, PayWave, and Apple Pay have taken hold, there isn’t as much cash or coin floating around as there once was. What might once have been a bulky coin purse ready to burst at the seams with gold and silver coins is now a sleek card wallet that allows you to pay for your wares in one swift tap.

So, what does this have to do with washing machines?

Card Readers for Washers and Dryers

Cashless systems aren’t only taking over restaurants and corner stores – you can now pay for your laundry in a single swipe instead of having to root around in your bags and pockets to come up with the correct amount of change.

For the most part, we live in a cashless world, and having to pay for something with notes and coins is often an inconvenience. Cashless payment is, without a doubt, easier for everyone involved. We swipe or tap our cards to pay for everything from our weekly shop to our morning coffee, so why not our laundry, too?

Safe and Secure

Having card activated washing machines is a safer and securer method of payment – not just for you the equipment owner – but also for your local laundrette clientele. Why? Laundries are often the target of theft. Thieves know that money is being slotted into washing machines every day, and for the sake of a few gold coins, they are willing to inflict thousands of dollars in damage to washers and dryers while having no regard for patrons’ safety.

Cashless machines will eliminate this threat, as there will be no need for any physical money on the premises. Not only does this keep your laundry running well, it minimises the risk of broken machines and it keeps your laundry safer.

See How your Money is Coming In

When it comes to being paid in cold, hard cash, it’s difficult and time-consuming to track payments accurately… You can spend endless hours collecting and counting coins, wasting valuable time for a result that is subject to human error.

Card readers come with an online accounting system updates immediately, so you can see in real time what machines are being used the most and exactly how much income you have coming in. This real time data can show you your busiest days and times so you can tailor in-store Laundry promotions for your quiet days.  Because all your payment data is immediately updated online, you’ll always know exactly how much money is coming in.


When it comes to money and accountability, laundry owners have seen every trick in the book with coin-operated machines. With an online, cashless system, owners will be able to track cash flow directly, with full traceability and no room for fraud.

Discounts and Offers

Having your laundry linked up to a cashless system means there are opportunities to provide discounts and offers to customers – much like a loyalty card. Repeat customers could be offered rewards such as money off a wash, free drying services if you wash with them, extra wash credits if you top up by a certain amount – whatever you wish. And the best part is that it can all be done automatically.

Dependable Products

Perhaps most important is the quality of the product itself. Cashless systems are robust, difficult to tamper with, and resilient to damage. There’s no way for foreign coins to damage the system and there are no attachments that can be broken off or meddled with, making it a hassle-free, secure method of payment for all.

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