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As the Principal Conference sponsor at the Platinum level, Dependable Laundry Solutions had a major presence at the at the 2014 CIAWA Annual Conference held at the Crown Perth in August.

Some are probably wondering why an industrial/commercial laundry equipment distributor such as Dependable Laundry Solutions would step forward in such a role at a Caravan Industry State Conference. After all, for a lot of park operators the common laundry area is just a necessary evil and is more trouble than it’s worth.

Well, if that’s your view, let me just say:you are mistaken. Because a coin laundry can not only be a profitable amenity, but it can be one that can actually make the difference in the amount of clientele coming through your park.

The conference theme was “Your business – How Do You Keep It.” and chief among the messages from the excellent speakers was the need to evolve business to meet what today’s customer wants. Customers are more demanding than they have ever been and those who don’t recognise this are being left behind.

One of the significant ways parks are evolving is in the provision of first class amenities for guests.

Parks provide a raft of amenities including barbecues, camp kitchens, swimming pools, playgrounds, wi-fi and broadband access, bike hire, even business areas. Communal laundries are usually found under the heading of ‘other amenities’.And that’s where Dependable Laundry Solutions come in.

We know from more than 30 years’ experience that including a laundry area which is clean, well-lit and well-appointed can make a big difference in so many ways.Customers want to use equipment and facilities that reflect high standards of cleanliness and hygiene and they will queue at the door for such facilities. And they will spread the word as they travel around from park to park.

But there is even better news. A clean, well-lit and well-appointed laundry provides an opportunity for an excellent CASH revenue stream.

And who doesn’t want that?

In this day of shrinking margins you need every advantage you can get.

And that’s where the aptly named Maytag Energy Advantage series of laundry equipment comes into its own.This is because the series has been designed to save money on utility costs at the same time as helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. These products are high-efficiency front-load washers that can lower your water and energy costs by up to 50% compared to commercial top-load washers.

It’s win/win. Win for you and win for the environment.

Happily, caravan park owners already love our Maytag products.And there is good reason for this. Caravan parks have a high turnover of visitors and because of this their equipment can be subject to all sorts of uses – and, unfortunately all too often, abuses.

Even well-meaning people can cause problems when they use equipment.That’s why you need commercially robust laundry equipment whether coin operated or manual in your laundry. Choosing the right laundry equipment is the overriding priority for successful laundry operations in a caravan park.

And that’s where we come in again. Dependable Laundry Solutions has earned the respect and loyalty of our valued clients by consistently delivering reliable products, dependable service and tailored solutions for every laundry need.

We want our clients to achieve the best and most cost effective solutions for their laundry needs and we work with companies to make sure they get it. After all, it’s your business and we want to help you to keep it!

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