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The popularity of credit card washing machines keeps on growing, but is anyone surprised? On the Dependable Laundry Solutions blog alone, we’ve posted multiple articles about card-operated laundry, including a look into why it’s the future of laundry, a debate about coin-operated vs card-operated laundry, how cashless laundry is drawing new investors, and why customers are so enamoured with card-operated washing machines. And we’re not the only ones talking about how popular coinless laundry has become in recent years.

For anyone who hasn’t visited a laundromat in a few years, this sudden emerging trend might come as a surprise. Stereotypically, laundromats aren’t seen as a place that features some of the newest, most energy-efficient technology on the market. Rather, they’re thought of as the shops everyone remembers, where you have to count out the correct change to make sure you have enough for a wash and a dry.

But as technology has continued to develop in all walks of life, from driverless cars to smartphones that know your name, face, and everything else about you, laundromats haven’t been left behind.

What Cashless Laundry has Done for the Industry

Cashless laundry has secured the future of laundromats as a profitable business. When it first began to make waves, customers loved it purely because it meant they could stop toting around their change. Instead, all they had to do was pop their card into the reader and enter their pin. Since then, cashless laundry has evolved even more. With the advent of contactless payments, customers are able to pay with a simple tap – from their card, from their phone, or even from their watch.

The Future of Card Reading Laundry Machines

Alongside cashless payments comes the introduction of apps, giving laundromat owners the option to give their customers loyalty points, money off their wash, or other benefits. Just look at Belgium’s WASBAR – the laundromat-hairdressers-café-bar. They’ve taken the premise of cashless laundry and taken it a step further. If card-operated laundry is supposed to be convenient for the customer, what could be more convenient than grabbing lunch or getting a long overdue trim while you wait for your spin to finish?

Ultimately, it seems that credit card washing machines may have revolutionised the laundromat industry, and if laundromat owners have an open mind and willingness to adapt to the future, we might just have a gold rush on our hands. Here at DLS, we’re happy to be a part of the coinless laundry movement.  We serve Australia-wide, contact us below with questions or interest.

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