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Domestic vs Commercial Washing Machines

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Is your use putting laundry machines under pressure? Or are you starting a business or new laundry facility? Are you considering commercial equipment and wondering what will serve you best?

Here are some considerations to help decide what will fit best.

Load Size and Demand

When you need to wash bigger, bulkier items or heavy soiled like uniforms and work gear that needs a deep clean, commercial washers have the edge. They are designed to run big loads more frequently than a domestic machine.

For example, our Maytag® commercial front-load washers feature a DuraCore Drive System that’s designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles.

Commercial machines can also thermally disinfect when higher hygiene practices are required.

The Elements

Where there’s heat, dust and poor water quality, domestic machines are unlikely to hold out. Quality commercial machines are engineered to operate under harsh, remote conditions.

Energy Supply and Footprint

Domestic and commercial equipment use the same, standard power and water supplies and are all designed with a varying range of features and eco-friendly technology. Neither commercial or domestic is more eco-friendly than the other, as it depends on the features of each machine, brand and model.

Cycle Times

The combined process of wash and dry is faster on a commercial machine, but where it has the advantage is in the wash time, about 30 minutes faster than an average domestic machine. Drying times are usually on par.


While commercial equipment may cost more initially, long-term they’ll be saving you on power, water and efficiency. If you think your usage is going to be high demand, consider a good quality commercial machine that will serve you for many years to come.


A domestic machine usually comes with a year or two warranty, which becomes void when it is used for commercial purposes! Commercial equipment warranties are usually longer as they’re built to handle high demand. Dependable Laundry Solutions can offer the longest warranty in the industry.

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