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Every day more businesses across Australia transition from manual analogue systems to digital reporting and accounting in order to streamline their day-to-day operations. Utilising Credit / Debit card payments in your laundry room will help you make this transition, bringing your business to the forefront of technology and cutting down on labour costs.

Cut out the middle man – watch the money flow straight into your accounts from your customers without having to count coins.

In using laundry equipment with card readers, the money that your customers use to pay for the machines is transferred straight into your business accounts. Physical coins are taken out of the equation. This means no more emptying money boxes, counting and delivering coins to the bank or keeping large amounts of $1 and $2 coins on-site, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Online Reporting

With card reader machines, you can track the usage of your machines in real-time, without having to wait for coin collection to take place. Therefore, you can easily gauge which of your machines and locations are performing well at any time. The online reporting capabilities accompanying card reader machines will streamline your decision-making processes, with easy access to consistently updated information on how much your machines make.


By cutting out the need for coin collection and counting, all payments made by customers at a machine are easily accounted for, with no opportunity for coins to be misplaced or miscounted. Essentially, by using card reader machines, you can effectively cut out human error within the process of collecting and counting coins.

Our Recommendation for Mid to Large Tier Organisations

Given the above factors, Dependable Laundry Solutions recommends card reader laundry machines for all to mid to large tier organisations. When you have several locations with multiple machines within your organisation, transitioning to card machines will optimise the way your business operates. They will transform your business in terms of efficiency and make the overall management of your business much more straightforward.

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