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Maytag is known for strong, dependable laundry appliances that minimizes challenges for users, but, occasional problems will arise, as with any machine. When you’re having trouble with your Maytag, here are some simple tips you can try before calling an expensive repairman, so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you have a washer with a Digital Display Screen it will display an ERROR Code on screen if anything is going wrong. Call us with that Error code as displayed on screen (EG. F20) and we can help diagnose an issue over the phone and work out the best fix for the issue.

My washer won’t fill with water

First, make certain your washer is connected to a live electrical outlet. If it is plugged in, check the breaker box to see if the switch is in the correct position.

Next, check your water supply. Turn the machine to the appropriate cycle and start it. Make sure that both hot and cold water faucets are completely open, and the hoses are free from kinks and damage.

If this fails to produce water, turn the machine off, disconnect the power and disconnect the water hoses. Clean the ends of the hoses, and check the inlet filter, where the hose connects to the machine and clear any obstructions. If this fails to produce results, contact Dependable Laundry Solutions and we can have a tech come out to take a look.

My washer is leaking

There are many possible reasons for a leak. First, the inlet hoses may not be tight, or could be damaged. Second, the drain hose could be disconnected, or damaged, and last, your machine may need internal repairs to correct the problem.

Check your in and outgoing hose connections at all ends, and tighten them snugly. Then run the cycle again. If the machine doesn’t leak during filling, or while washing, watch through the drain cycle to ensure the drain hose is not blocked or torn. If the problem still persists, contact your repair center.

The wash cycle isn’t running, or won’t complete

First, ensure that your washing machine is connected to a live electrical outlet. Be sure the plug is fully inserted and check the breaker box to make sure the switch is in the right position.

If this is not the issue, examine your drain hose. It should be firmly connected at the washer end, and free kinks and damage. The drain hose should sit loosely into the drain pipe, to allow proper venting.

Last but not least, be sure the door of your washing machine is firmly closed throughout the cycle. Maytag washers are equipped with failsafe features that prevent them from running certain parts of the cycle, when the door is opened, or unlatched.

We can help!

If you’re having trouble with your Maytag, Dependable Laundry Solutions (DLS) can help!  Contact us or book a service with our preferred technicians today!

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