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Most homeowners know generally, what to look for in a washing machine. But an industrial washer is a big investment and knowing what features to look for can clear up a lot of confusion and save you money in the long run. Here are some tips, broken into three categories.


While everyone hopes their washing machine will be long lasting and trouble free, nowhere is this more true than in industrial applications, where a broken machine can have more costs than the repairs. Make sure you:

  • Investigate consumer reports on machines you are interested in, comparing downtime.
  • Know that machines with Soft Mount, High Spin technology allow for Freestanding Installation, promising less vibration and easier installation in more environments – including multi floor dwellings.
  • Compare manufacture warranties, ensuring the manufacturer is willing to stand by the product long term.

Productivity and Ergonomics

Look for machines that are designed to complete the job in less time and will allow workers to move between loads quickly. Seconds count when operating multiple machines over a full time schedule. Here are some features to look for:

  • Large, easily accessible loading openings and the correct depth to radius ratio in the wash tub. This is is essential for easy loading and unloading.
  • Custom built Plinth Heights, to suit laundry room’s requirements. This can bring the washer door opening in line with trolleys and carts on site for quick, easy and safe loading and unloading.
  • Clearly visible and easy to use controls, allowing for simple operator selection with emergency stop buttons for OH&S compliance.
  • Easy to change, fully programmable settings. A good washing program is one that achieves the required washing action with the lowest consumption of time, water, chemical product and energy.
  • Full adjustment on water and chemical mixes and timing for each load, to cut down on wasted time in each cycle, based on the needs of the material washed.

Cost Efficiency

While we’d like to say it’s for the environment, let’s be honest, in business, saving water and chemicals just makes sense for the bottom line.

  • Heating systems that deliver the precise temperature of water needed, with no wasted energy. Look for machines that have internal heaters for this.
  • High speed spin washing machines of over 350-400 G in the final spin will ensure minimal moisture left in the load at completion of cycle, dramatically reducing required time in the dryer. When paired with an ironer, linens coming out of a high spin washer can skip the dryer altogether, saving time and utility costs.   
  • Look for a machine that measures Water and chemical dosing to match the load weight and cycle selected. Over time, this allows for streamlining of the process to reduce cost and improve efficiency, preventing overdosing of chemicals and rewashing required.

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