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Working at a mine site often means operating in very tough conditions, so your laundry equipment needs to be even tougher.
Remote mine camps usually have two styles of laundries on site.
The first being a room of smaller 9kg commercial washers and dryers for miners to wash there own gear in.
The second style of laundry room found on minecamps is what is known as an “industrial” or “on premise laundry”.
This style of laundry room is where your mine camp will launder all the rooms linens on site, including bed sheets, towels, floor mats etc.

When setting up an industrial laundry facility on a mine site, you must install industrial grade washing machines and dryers from reliable, well-tested brands.

Domestic and even commercial quality laundry machines will not last the test of time (and red Australian dirt) in an industrial laundry room.

Why do I need industrial washing machines for my mine site?

Industrial washing machines offer:

  • High volume washing loads – with washing machines going up to 40+kiles of capacity, bigger capacities mean less time in your laundry room.
  • Built to run all day, every day – you never need to give your machine a rest. It can easily run non-stop with no wear-and-tear issues
  • Durability – industrial machines are built to last. You can view their installation as a long-term investment
  • Hygiene guarantee – With internal heating elements capable of giving medical grade thermal disinfection – you don’t need to worry about any germs and nasties spreading in the wash cycle.
  • Efficiency – industrial washing machines get more laundry loads cleaned quicker

What can I wash in an industrial washing machine?

Industrial washing machines are equipped to wash:

  • Mining uniforms
  • Linen and bedding
  • Protective clothing (such as high vis)
  • Heavy clothing
  • Work and civvy clothes

Mine camp specific requirements:

With many remote mine camps around Australia built and set up using Demountable buildings / Donga’s, extra thought must be put into the style of industrial laundry equipment you install on site.

Rigid or Hard mount washers are a type of industrial washing machine that require chemical anchoring into thick concrete slabs which is often not attainable on remote mine sites.
Rather, you want to make sure you are shopping for a “Soft Mount” or “High Spin” industrial washing machine – these soft mount industrial washers have there own in built suspension system (think like your cars suspension system) and can be installed into any level environment – perfect for transportable buildings that don’t have a solid concrete floor.

Demountable / transportable mine site industrial laundry rooms also need to keep more then just the floor in mind.

You will also have to make sure your donga has 3 phase power for the washers internal heating element, as well as plenty of water supply and drainage available.

And don’t forget the dryer, available in either gas or electric operation depending on what you have on site, each dryer will also need fluing out of the demountable building – making sure it isn’t blowing into another building or walk way.

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