Design a Functional Laundry for Commercial & Industrial Washing Machines

Often when designing or renovating a premises, the laundry is not always given great consideration. Thought should be put into whether you need front loading or commercial top loader washing machines and how these can fit within your space, as well as room for dryers and other equipment. A laundry room will need proper ventilation as well as proper power and water supply and outlets. Before purchasing a commercial or industrial washing machine, it’s important to have a design layout for your laundry room.

Dependable Laundry Solutions provides a comprehensive service including design and layout of laundry rooms and equipment installation. We can consult with you and suggest options to suit your requirements and budget, with ideas on how to lay out your laundry room, along with the best equipment to suit your needs. We can advise on the best in front loader or commercial top loader washing machines based on your budget and space available.

Select from a range of additional laundry products and finishing equipment. We can liaise with plumbers, electricians, architects and builders to develop a fully functional laundry that will accommodate multiple machines.

Some factors to consider include:

Correct power source

When considering placement of your machines, you will also need to ensure access to power outlets. The room may require wiring by a professional electrician to accommodate multiple machines.

Good ventilation

Industrial washing machines can emit fumes and need to be located in a well-aired room. Consider whether your intended space has ventilation or can be renovated to include proper air flow. Gas dryers will need good ventilation to meet Gas Code requirements.

Size & number of machines

Washing machines and dryers come in a variety of configurations. Consider whether you need a commercial or a larger, heavy duty industrial machine. Also think about how many you need and whether you have the facilities to accommodate all the equipment required.

Areas for sorting

Laundromats or laundry areas intended for use by customers may need to consider areas for sorting and folding. On premises laundries for facilities such as hospitals or hotels will require room to move and separate areas for finishing equipment.

Layout for easy access

It may seem obvious, but machines need to be laid out so they can be easily opened, closed and accessed. Consider whether you have front loader or commercial top loader washing machines or dryer. Panels and dials should be easy to read and access.


If you are also providing dryers, or accessories such as ironers, you will need to consider whether these will be located in the same area or an adjoining room.

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