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Maytag’s Biggest Money Making Multi Load Washing Machine
JULY ONLY $5,500 Delivered and Installed SAVE $2,000

Regardless of whether you have a Coin Laundry, Hotel Motel or Backpackers your customers will be drawn to the advantages of washing in a Maytag Multi Load machine like moths to light, and they are more than happy to pay YOU A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Advantages to your customers

Washing bigger loads quickly
Less time washing
Washing bigger items like Doonas, Rugs, Pillows and Blankets.
Cost saving because they don’t have to use a drycleaner.
Washes more efficiently

Advantages for YOU

Bigger average sale
More profitable
Can offer a machine customers don’t have at home
Better than your competitors offer
Maytag’s Multi Load Washing Machines have long been recognised as the market leader in handling those BIG loads. Customers look for these machines so they can get their washing done quickly. That is the advantage of having (what we call in the industry) Multi Load Washing Machines.
The MFR30PD is a 30lb (that’s American for 13.6kgs) Washing Machine so it can handle 2 to 3 full loads in one wash.This means a huge time saving for customers.Also they are drawn to the machines to wash Doonas, Blankets, Pillows and Rugs. Even curtains can be washed in these machines.That means considerable savings compared to the cost at a dry cleaners.

July is your opportunity to cash in on the demand by customers for these machines.We are offering to supply and install (including a Plinth) a coin operated MFR30PD and still has a full 5 year part warranty.
For $5,500 plus GST a saving of over $2,000. This offer is restricted to the Perth Metro Area only Is subject to a site inspection, and ends 31st July 2014. For details and information on this July 2014 ONLY offer, please phone Dependable Laundry Solutions on [phone_link tel=”+61894706868″ title=”Contact us”](08) 9470 6868[/phone_link]

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