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Coin drop or coin slide, it’s no secret that coin has been king in laundry for a long time.

But times are changing, and there’s a new king in town.

Card-reader washers are on the up and up. This means commercial coin-operated washers are following a similar trajectory – in the opposite direction.

But is it really time to kick out the coin washers and cash in on the card readers forever? We’re here to find out.


Goldilocks and the three washers

Commercial washers are great, sure. No arguments here. But that doesn’t mean you can place any one of them in your laundry and expect it to go off without a hitch. Coin-operated, card reader or otherwise.

So, before you welcome your washer to the laundry, be sure to consider 3 things first:

  1. Front load vs top load: We would say you can’t go wrong, but you can. Sorry about that. If you’re after a more environmentally friendly option that’s tough on stains, a front loader is for you.  In fact, a front-loader washer is the better option for pretty much every situation – unless you have a nostalgic connection to top-loaders. Who are we to judge? 
  2. Washer capacity: If your washer is too small, you’ll have to run multiple cycles – and run from the angry people who have to pay per wash. And if it’s too big, you’ll be forking out for the higher energy costs. It’s all about finding the washer that’s just right for you and your customer’s needs. 
  3. Available space: Yes, we’d all love to have a monster washer that makes dirty loads tremble with fear. But we don’t all have the space. So make sure that whichever washer you choose, you’ve got the room.


The benefits of commercial coin-operated washers

Coin-operated washers have been at the top of the table of commercial laundry for a long time now. And it’s not hard to see why.

  • No transaction fees: Unlike card transactions, which may incur processing fees, the humble coin is typically a $1-and-done deal. 
  • Universal acceptance: Coins – we know them, we love them. They’re universally accepted and don’t require the same internet connectivity or specific hardware that card-operated systems often need.


The benefits of commercial card-operated washers

Trying to decide between coin and card washers? Just flip a coin! Kidding. You do have a few important factors to consider before making the call.

First, let’s get real: Who carries around coins these days?

A cashless washer is easily accessible to everyone – especially as digital wallets become more common. It also makes your job easier by eliminating the need to work in $1 increments every time you want to increase your price or even count your profits.

You know what that means? More revenue. And not only because it reduces people’s temptation to jimmy open your machines to steal some loose change.

Because of the increased flexibility card-operated washers afford, you can manage your funds more easily and faster. Plus, every swipe, tap or insert of a card on your washer will be on your card reader statement. So you can have the certainty that every dollar ends up in your bank account.

And if you need to raise the price per wash by 20c? All it takes is a click of a button.


How to get bang for your buck

When it comes to cost-efficient commercial laundry, the name of the game is simple: compatibility.

Maximising profitability hinges on efficiency, maintenance and smart operations. This means you need to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient machines that can handle the volume of your business.

A machine made for any more or any less will cost you – literally.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we work hard to provide you with washers and dryers that are the best for you. That’s why we’ll visit your site to assess your space and find out how we can use it to your advantage – blowing your socks off with our signature offerings while we’re at it. These include:

  • Water efficient machines designed to cut your bill
  • High-speed spin washers to reduce drying time
  • User-friendly controls
  • Stack units to save space
  • TurboVent technology
  • Industry-leading warranties


The future of commercial laundry

From coin to card, what’s next?

We might still be a little far away from personal assistant robots who take our dirty laundry and wash, dry and iron it for us – but only just.

Instead, in the next few years, we’re predicting an even greater shift towards cashless transactions. We’re calling it: Card will take the lead over the reliable coin-operated machines we all know and love.

That’s not to say coin-operated equipment is doomed for laundry heaven. But it will no longer reign supreme in the washer and dryer realm, so to speak.

This brings us back to the million-dollar question: Is it time to retire your commercial laundry’s coin-operated equipment and switch to card-reader machines?

Well, yes.

And, lucky for you, we might be able to help you out with that.


Ready to future-proof your laundry? Explore our innovative range of card (and coin) operated washers today.

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