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As autumn and winter rains approach there are some key things to think about in the commercial laundry—particularly about drying.

Dryers are wonderful machines that take away the rainy day drying blues. When the sun is hidden they come into their own in a big way and they are an essential part of a winter laundry.

But there are some simple rules that must be adhered to because dryers can be a dangerous item of equipment. Dryers, according to FESA statistics accounted for 105 fires in the period 2005 to 2010. There are warning signs that your dryer needs servicing and these should not be ignored:

Clothes take an unusually long time to dry

Clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the cycle

Outside of dryer is unusually hot

Damper on exhaust termination doesn’t open or barely opens when dryer is on

Laundry room feels warmer or more humid than normal

Unexplained moisture stains appear in concealed dryer exhaust duct area

Burnt smells in laundry room

Increase in utility bills

It is vital that lint filters are cleaned on a daily basis to prevent dangerous build-up—cleaning out the lint in the dryer is an important way to help prevent a fire from happening to you. This is something so obvious that we do not even think about it, but it could save your business and save lives.

Plus, when the dryer vents are kept clean the dryer will run much more efficiently as far as energy use is concerned and, as a direct result will save you time and money.

We sell and recommend the strangely named ‘“HEY TOM” Dryer Cleaner’ Kit because it has all the fittings you need to thoroughly clean/service your dryer. And a good source of information about the need for proper venting, flueing and maintenance can be found on our Special Reports webpage (Click Here)

Without overstating the case we really urge you to read the report—because the business, or life, you save could well be your own.

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