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Once again we had a great roll-up to our Remote Area Service School held in our Welshpool workshop on Friday 17 July.

They flew in from as far away as Darwin and on a brisk chilly morning in Perth there were plenty of jumpers around to ward of the cold.
Happily, there was hot coffee on hand and our Maytag Service school got under way on time.

It was great to see a full class of guys and girls from around W.A & the N.T learning the hints and tips of servicing all the makes of Maytag Commercial and Industrial laundry equipment.

Very much ‘hands-on’ the questions were kept coming and the participants were very warm in their praise of our technical presenters and pronounced themselves well pleased they had attended.

Each participant was given a thumb drive loaded with manuals and a ‘show bag’ of useful items.

The response in our follow up survey was terrific with participants saying they would recommend the course to others. Interestingly one response was that it “wasn’t as hard as I expected”. Another said: “Thank you for a wonderfully organised day. Lovely catering but more importantly very informative and well delivered IT and demonstrations has given me confidence to tackle one bother-some top loader. They are very robust machines—I have 2 that are 16 years old and still performing well. Thank you once again.”

We hope to see you at our next Service School!

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