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When thinking water saving the big things that pop into your mind might be Reticulation, Shower heads and pools but your in-house and Coin operated Guest laundry may be one of the worst areas for guzzling water.

For example, a small laundry room that only has 5 older commercial top load washers doing an industry average of three washers per day is going to consume over 657,000 Litres of water per year.

Laundries are the often forgotten area in any situation but there is plenty that can be done to increase efficiency and implement water saving strategies in your laundries on site.

New worldwide water standards are seeing commercial and industrial laundry equipment being built to the latest water savings requirements, and Maytag is going above and beyond to beat these requirements.

The latest Model of the Maytag front load washer, being the MHN30PN has an average water usage of only 47L per wash. If we upgraded the same laundry example we used earlier with 5 of Maytag’s MHN30PN your yearly water consumption in the laundry would drop to 257,325 litres, a saving of 399,675 litres ongoing per year.  How Much extra money saved from your water bill will now be in your pocket over the machines lifetime?

Aside from upgrading your laundry equipment, here are a few ways you can ensure you are not wasting water in your laundry room right now;

  • Check Leaking water inlet hoses and washers, hot and cold
  • Make sure there is no water leaking from the drum of the machine
  • Set all washers to use a low and cold water cycle as standard, charge extra for high water washers to cover your costs.
  • Regular servicing of machines particularly before and after peak times can drastically increase the life and efficiency of your machine.

Dependable Laundry Solutions can organise a site visit and laundry audit to see where you can save money in your industrial or coin operated laundry, Give Chad or Sam a call from Dependable Laundry Solutions on (08) 9470 6868


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