Setting up a laundry can be a tricky exercise – there are a lot of traps for young players and this is why it is always wise to get professional help.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions we offer that help – a personalised design and consultancy service – to support you in your decision making process.

Owner Gabrielle Worthington says: “We take a tailored solutions approach because everyone’s needs are different. Our team addresses the specific requirements you have in mind for your business.”

This may range from site choice, space design, equipment needed, store layout, extra revenue services (vending machines, bag wash etc), financing options and lease arrangements and so on.

“This service guarantees that essential integrated approach for the supply and Installation of our quality Maytag laundry equipment,” says Gabrielle , “and we at Dependable Laundry Solutions have an enviable track record of success in recommending and delivering tailored solutions that fit our customers’ needs.”

She adds: “It’s our unique approach which combined with the depth of experience we have within our team that guarantees the best possible solution every time.”

Dependable Laundry Solutions has helped many customers achieve their optimal laundry and, as Gabrielle puts it: “We say it like it is. At DLS we have no need for technical mumbo-jumbo because we understand you need to know the real world options in plain language. This means you get what you are looking for and there are no surprises.”

“Best of all,” she adds, “you only pay for what you need because we present options for a range of scenarios to suit your agreed specific requirements.”

At Dependable Laundry Solutions we say a tailored solution is the best solution!

Ring Perth on 0488 866 538 or Darwin 0407 467 952 for a no obligation free consultation to explore your needs further.