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Top or Front Load Washers – What’s the difference?

Maytag’s Commercial Top and Front Load Washers are both built tough and designed to outlast, out clean and outperform the competition, but that is where the similarities end.

Maytag’s New Series of Commercial Top Load Washer, the MVW18MN is a High Efficiency Top Load Washer that is built with a center Agi-Peller for you to load your linens around, the washer then fills up with water sweeping the linens across the Agi-peller for washboard like cleaning.

Where else Maytag’s Commercial Front Load washer use less water and gravity to clean your linen’s, the inner drum spinning back and forth to pick the linens In and out of the water to provide a scrubbing like cleaning action.

Maytag’s Commercial Front Load Washers have super short cycle times, use less water & power, clean better than top load washers and will also have your linens coming out dryer due to a higher extraction speed.

MVW18PD Top Load Washer                           MHN30PD Front Load Washer

8.5kg Capacity                                                                                     Larger 9kg Capacity

Approx. 35min Cycle Times                                                        Approx. 35min Cycle Times

57 liters of water per cycle                                                           47 liters of water per cycle

700RPM Extraction Speed                                                            1000RPM Extraction Speed

5 Year Full Parts Warranty                                                            5 Year Full Parts Warranty

Avg. $4 Vend Price when coin op                                              Avg. $5 Vend Price when coin op

MVW18PD Coin Drop Top Load Washer
MHN30PD 9kg High Efficiency Coin Drop Front Load Washer

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