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You’ve shopped around, found the leading brands of Commercial Washers and Dryers that are still proudly built in American Factories and are comparing quotes, but how do you decide which supplier to go with?

Sure, while making your decision you should always factor in the purchase price, stock availability as well as customer support and back up but never forget to check the Manufacturer warranty as provided with your new Commercial Washers and Dryers.

Under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) you are automatically covered by consumer guarantees but your manufactures warranty may go further and beyond these consumer guarantees.

Some Laundry Equipment Suppliers have a warranty that covers their equipment for just 2 years, some may even cover their machines for 3 years, but nobody in the industry can beat Maytag’s Commercial Warranty from Dependable Laundry Solutions!

We cover all Maytag Commercial Washers and Dryers with a Full 5 Year Parts Warranty. That’s every single part on your Maytag Commercial Washer or Dryer covered under warranty for 5 years from your purchase date.

Even better our Maytag Commercial MHN33 Front Load Washers are covered by a 5/7-year Warranty! Maytag is so confident they have the best American Built Commercial washer around with the Toughest DuraCore Drive System that has proved itself for over 15,000 Cycles that the MHN33 Warranty covers all parts for a full 5 years from purchase date as well as Drive Bearings, Tub Seal, Bearing Spacer, Hub, Cross Piece, Drum, Rear Tub, Front Tub and the Drum Shaft being under warranty for 7 YEARS from purchase date.

This warranty is there to protect you if the worst happens and something goes wrong with your commercial laundry equipment but warranty is also so much more than that. Your Warranty shows how much faith your supplier puts in their product, a business offering only half the warranty can’t have much trust in the reliability and life of its Washers and Dryers.

Our Maytag Warranty is proudly the longest and best warranty in the industry, because we know our Maytag Commercial units will outlast any other brand of Commercial Washer or dryer, that is reliability that we stand behind.

When we say Maytag is dependable, we mean it! No matter who your laundry equipment supplier is throughout Australia, make sure you ask them what warranty they are backing there products up with, to see how much trust they really have in their product.

Don’t forget to always check that your warranty is a true commercial warranty, covering your machine in any commercial environment, not just a Domestic Appliance Warranty. Some suppliers might even sell you a Domestic Appliance, which when purchased and used for commercial purposes or to assist a business or for communal use in a residential apartment block or multi-unit housing premise, the appliance will then be warranted for 90 DAYS ONLY under a separate warranty.

Contact us for a copy of Maytag Commercial full warranty terms and conditions.

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