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When you’re deciding on the size and number of washing machines you need in your laundry, the first question to consider is capacity.

Capacity Explained

Each machine has a kilogram reference to the capacity, which refers to the maximum dry weight the machine can wash in one load.

Not to be confused with the product weight of the washing machine, or a dryer capacity which refers to damp weight.

Working out the answer to your capacity equation include four variables:

  • par levels of linen
  • number of people/customers and estimated personal garments
  • required turn-around times
  • number of hours per day/per week your laundry will be operating

In terms of efficiency and cost control, consider the run time. You could have two or three smaller machines running to deal with your largest load, which means three times the time, water, detergent and power. Compared to one larger machine running once.

What Will It Hold?

One kilogram of capacity equals:

  • 5 shirts
  • 1 shirt + 1 pair jeans
  • 2 bath towels

Capacity in terms of bedding:

  • 6 kg = 1 single doona
  • 7 kg = 1 double doona
  • 8 kg = 1 queen doona
  • 10 kg = 1 King doona

Bulky Loads

When you have a lot of larger items to wash like blankets, curtains, doonas etc, make sure you account for your largest items. Also consider the cycle options, and look for one that will fit the items you need to wash.

Allow for Space

Overloading the machine, or jamming in the full capacity may not give you the most effective clean, especially when you’re looking at heavily soiled items. Overloading can lead to imbalance, excess noise and damage to the motor as well as increasing the risk of leaking and inefficient drainage.

Most machines now come with a sensor t let you know when you reach full capacity.

View the Range

Dependable Laundry Solutions offer end-to-end commercial l services, including design and advice on how to fit out your laundry room, as well as top-quality machines with capacity ranging from 13kg to 110kg. We can also offer an industry-leading warranty.

If you have capacity or commercial laundry questions, contact us today!

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