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As time moves forward, so does technology, and each year we’re introduced to brand new features and functions that we’d never considered before. With each new iPhone upgrade, the boundaries of what technology can do are pushed a little bit further. In fact, you can now pay for a meal or your latest shopping spree with just a tap of your phone – no cash, no cheques, and you don’t even have to put in your pin number.

So why are we still slotting coins into washing machines?

The truth is, we’re not. Well, not all of us, anyway. Just as the technology for vending machines and parking meters have progressed, so has the technology for commercial laundry.

What is it that makes customers love card-operated laundromats so much? Here are three simple reasons:

Card Operated Laundry Benefit #1: It’s Easy

People might have been accustomed to carrying around coins and loose change ten years ago, but nowadays it’s much easier and quicker to carry nothing but a card – why should their visit to the laundromat be any different? With card-operated machines, your customers don’t have to handle the hassle of change, and they’ll thank you for it.

Not only is it easier for your customers, it’s easier for you. How much time have you spent collecting and counting coin after coin, and working out how much you earned? We’re willing to bet that it’s a lot longer than you’d like. With cashless, online systems, you can get income reports delivered automatically and securely to you – you’ll never have to sift through countless coins again!

Card Operated Laundry Benefit #2: It’s Safe

Laundromats have long been the targets of thieves and vandals who think they can make some quick money by breaking into a washing machine – and they’re not always wrong. With a cashless system, you’re no longer allowing yourself and your laundromat to be a target. With card-operated machines, you’re taking away the incentive for vandals to give it their best shot.

Card-operated machines make the community safer and are safer for you and your customers to use. They’re fully compliant with all Australian bank regulations and so there’s nothing to worry about.

Card Operated Laundry Benefit #3: It’s Flexible

Whatever you think the price for a wash should be, that’s what it will be. You’ll no longer be stuck with whatever price you’ve always charged – and this flexibility can open the doors for plenty of opportunities. With flexible pricing, you can offer discounts for off-peak users, loyal customers, or students.

The above are just some of the reasons why card-operated machines are on the rise in laundromats, so stop trying to dig out the gold coin that’s been jammed in your machine all week and visit our website to find out more.

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