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Do you run a business or service that requires an industrial dryer? An industrial dryer requires far greater capabilities than a home dryer and we’re here to help you find the right one.

We’ve compiled the best industrial dryers right now for your industrial laundry requirements.

Girbau EcoDryer Series

Available in 13kg, 17kg, 23kg and 33kg and in gas, electric, or steam, this Girbau industrial dryer series is a true contender for your industrial laundry or as a stand-alone industrial machine.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy penetration of hot air through linen
  • Double glazed, dual pane door
  • Ensures longer fabric life
  • Humidity control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic design and professional controls

The Girbau EcoDryer in all its load weights and functions is designed to save energy, money and minimise environmental impact in your industrial laundry – what more could you want?

Girbau Rigid Mount Washers

Available in 13kg, 17kg, 23kg and 28kg and with electric heating, the Girbau exclusive Logi Pro Control industrial washing machine will have your industry laundry customised to suit your drying needs.

Features and benefits:

  • High-quality stainless-steel drum
  • Large width loading door with wide opening angle
  • Ergonomic design for operator ease of use
  • Large diameter drain

With its Girbau Logi Pro Control, you’ll have access to 25 configurable programs, 6 choices of water levels, rinse hold and crease-guard mode, plus many more unique Girbau industrial dryer settings.

Girbau High Spin Soft Mount Washer Extractor

Available in 13kg, 17kg, 23kg, 40kg, 57kg and 110kg loading capacities, this Girbau industrial dryer is the choice for heavy-duty industrial laundry settings.

Features and benefits:

  • High spin (up to 1,000 revolutions/rotations per minute)
  • 100% freestanding for easy installation
  • A spin factor which saves the drying process
  • Optimises water, energy and chemical products

With its exclusive Inteli Control, exists 99 configurable programs, with 20 pre-programmed to your Girbau industrial dryer. The smart load detection will automatically balance the water and detergent consumption. For high-quantity and high-quality loads and results, you can’t go past a Girbau High Spin Soft Mount Washer Extractor industrial dryer.

For more information, contact Australia’s leading supplier for Girbau industrial washing machines and dryers: Dependable Laundry Solutions.

Maytag Industrial Energy Advantage

Last but not least, the Maytag Industrial Energy Advantage industrial dryer. This fantastic and highly capable dryer is available in 16kg, 24kg, 35kg and 55kg multi-load gas dryers.

Features and benefits:

  • Fire suppression system as standard
  • Low thermal unit and enhanced insulation for greater efficiency and faster drying times
  • 100% Axial Airflow system to enhance airflow
  • Extra-large door openings with dual pane glass door
  • Heavy-duty motor and large capacity lint drawer
  • 5-year limited warranty covering ALL parts

A Maytag industrial dryer is a quality and ergonomically designed appliance. There are obvious reasons why Australian industries are choosing Maytag for the most demanding commercial laundry tasks.

Getting linen dried and ready for your business has never been easier with all the current industrial laundry machine products available. The best industry choices for industrial laundries are undeniably Girbau and Maytag which will save you money, energy, lower your environmental impact and deliver dependable results each time.

Need help finding the right industrial washing machine or dryer for your business? With over 50 years of providing quality commercial laundry equipment and expertise, contact Dependable Laundry Solutions today for all your industry laundry requirements.

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