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Maytag is known for tough machines that do their job with a minimum of fuss. We’ve built a reputation on minimizing maintenance and repairs, but even so, our machines are not bulletproof. In fact, careless use can cause damage from small things that often get overlooked. Your washing machine is designed to handle soft, fabric clothing and linens, not hard objects… the kind that can be left in pockets and end up causing damage that may cost you a lot in expensive repair bills and down time.

Excessive Laundry Detergent: More is Not better!

Maytag washers are finely tuned machines, and the levels of detergent, water, and clothing in each load are carefully calibrated. Over sudsing and using too much soap, detergent or fabric softener can cause a huge issue: soap buildup in the machine and pipes.

This is by far one of the most common issues we see from clients, so remember – more is not better! Be sure to use the recommended levels of soap, detergent and fabric softener, and you’ll come out squeaky clean every time for years to come.

Coins, Pens, Bobby Pins, Tissues… the Little Things

Those few coins that won’t buy a taco at the local shop could turn into piles of expensive repair bills. From scratching your washing machine’s basket (which can cause damage to every load), to getting wedged into moving parts and causing mechanical failure, coins can cause a lot of trouble.

This goes for most anything that you might find its way in your pocket – bobby pins, pens, screws, loose rocks and gravel, etc. Rule of thumb: Empty out your pockets before tossing your jeans in the wash.


Care labels are written to protect your valuable garments, and in this case, your machine as well. Snaps, hooks and catches can cause damage to your washing machine’s drum, while straps can entangle themselves in the inner workings of your machine and put additional strain on the mechanical drive systems. To prevent this, either wash your lingerie by hand, or use a lingerie bag in the washing machine to minimize damage.

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