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Do you run a salon, spa or other customer-facing business that does a lot of laundry?

Don’t struggle with washers and dryers that can’t keep up. Don’t break your back and waste time ferrying too many loads back and forth. Upgrade your laundry equipment.

We’re going to show you how upgrading your laundry equipment can upgrade your entire business.

Serve More Customers

During peak times, laundry can become a bottleneck for salons and spas. Commercial laundry equipment means you can do more laundry, faster. Turn over linens and services more quickly than before. Meet higher demand with fewer demands on your time. Clean loads throughout the day – often to a higher standard than residential-grade machines.

A good commercial washer and dryer can help you zip through laundry tasks, and provide customers with fresher, cleaner linens.

Expand Your Services

With better washers and dryers, you might increase your capacity to a point where you can offer additional services. Could you begin offering massages? Tanning? Facials or other high-margin services?

If you’re considering it, you don’t want laundry to hold you back when you need it most. If you want to expand or if you’re already planning an expansion, it’s a good idea to upgrade your laundry equipment before it comes back to bite you.

Become an Eco-Friendly Business

Customer demand for eco-friendly products and services is high, and only getting higher. Today’s market loves an environmental business model, and will often pay more for and be more loyal to businesses that embrace an eco-friendly approach.

Commercial laundry equipment is much more efficient than your average residential grade washer or dryer, making your business easier on the planet (and your utilities bill).

Ready to Take it to the Next Level?

Don’t let laundry bottleneck your business. Whether your laundry is front-and-centre in your business, or tucked away in the back room, it needs to drive your work, not slow it down.

If you need help with that, contact us at Dependable Laundry Solutions. We’ve been providing for Australian laundry needs for over four decades, so if you’re looking to buy a commercial washing machine, we guarantee we can sort you out and answer all your questions.

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