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The changing climate around the world, is a great reminder that water is not infinite. Which is why we should all do our part to try and reduce our water consumption. 

We’ll explore how to improve your water consumption whilst still achieving high-quality laundry results.

Steps to achieve high-quality washing results with less water

Choose the right washing machine

The first step in saving water is to choose a washing machine that is considerate of the environment – in other words, a machine that uses minimal water. 

To this end, front-loading washing machines are the most efficient and use an average of less than half the amount of water as top-loading machines.

With so many washing machines on the market, it can be hard to choose. We are here to help. 

The machines that have the lowest water consumption of any machine out there are the Maytags, specifically MHN33PN and MLE22PN models. The MHN33PN for example, uses as little as an average of 40 litres of water per cycle, which not only helps the environment but reduces energy and water costs too.

Sort it

Before starting your laundry, sort it into loads. Loads can be sorted by colour, fabric type and even the type of stain.

When sorting into colours, put whites with whites, blacks with blacks and colours with colours. Before mixing colours together, however, it is wise to wash new items separately first, to avoid dyes running. 

Fabric type sorting would usually involve washing all bath towels together, all bed linen together and even all sports clothing together.

If you have a number of items with the same type of stain on them, you might choose to sort these into their own pile and wash these separately also. 

Pick a concentrated detergent

What about your detergent? 

Choose a laundry detergent with a high concentration also known as a High Efficiency or “HE” Detergent.  Highly concentrated detergents use a lot less water in the manufacturing process.

Run full loads

Rather than running several small loads of laundry, wait until you have enough washing for a full load instead. 

Why? Because every time the machine is used, you’re consuming water, so consolidating washes will be more efficient for your water consumption.

Doing laundry is part of life, but wasting water doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you really can improve your water consumption, whilst still achieving high-quality results.

Let’s all do our part to save water in the laundry – Every drop counts!

Want to find out more about saving water in the laundry, or buy one of our industrial washing machines for sale? We have a range of washing machines available including Maytag and Girbau, for your industrial washing needs. At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we’ve been helping Australians with their laundry needs for over four decades.

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