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As any small business owner out there, you want to improve your operations to get better outcomes and increased revenue. You might have no idea where to start, though. An optimised laundromat can bring in significant profits, while also reducing costs and protecting the environment. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. All you need to do is understand that the different processes in a laundromat complement one another. They form a system together and that’s what you need to optimise to get results.

Here are a few things to consider if you want to enhance your business and maximise income!

Drying starts in the washer

While washing machines do soak your clothes, it’s important to know that not all of them use the same amount of water. This is just one of the reasons why investing in a water efficient machine will save you big money on water and electricity consumption. The more water-efficient a washer is, the less energy used on drying. Our Maytag Front Load Washing Machine, for example, uses on average 40 litres of water per cycle, to keep your running costs down and save on your water bill.

Another function to look at is water extraction. During the rinse and spin cycles, washers remove water, thus making the drying process shorter. Our Maytag commercial washers have extraction speeds as high as 1,000 RPMs. This also means you get more loads done, quicker. 

When the dryer doesn’t dry out your funds

Dryers are notorious electricity consumers. Or at least that used to be the case. Today’s high-end dryers, however, offer high performance AND reduce costs, making them perfect for optimising any laundry business. 

The Girbau EcoDryer, for example, ticks a few very important boxes you should be aware of when choosing an energy-efficient dryer: 

  • Performance: The transflow system (radial and an axial flow) provides an easy penetration of the hot air through the linen and makes the most of the temperature.
  • Heat Capture Technology: The door system, with its double glazed dual pane, ensures a better optimisation of energy.
  • Humidity Control: The moisture control system is accurate and reliable.
  • GDrive: Communication system between the inverter, motor and microprocessor ensures a longer life of the dryer.
  • Speed control: The possibility of programming the drum rotation speed in each phase of the drying program.

Integrated systems save money and time

When optimising your laundry business, it’s essential to choose systems that were made to work together. You want to combine water-efficient washers with energy-efficient dryers to improve outcomes including efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. Ideally they help you save space as well.

A good example is the Maytag Commercial High Efficiency 9kg Stack Washer/Dryer, which saves on water and electricity costs through state-of-the-art technology, all within the floor space of a single washing machine alone.

As you can see, optimising your laundromat can completely change the direction of your business! If you’re ready to boost your revenue have a look at the coin laundry machines we have for sale

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