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Innovation is key to keeping any business alive – and laundry is no different. Despite laundry being a service necessary for most people, it isn’t exempt from change. Technology is rapidly advancing, and to meet consumer expectations, the laundry industry needs to adopt new technology across its products, service delivery, and machinery.

Read on to find out about the emerging trends in commercial laundry, and what owners and laundry operators need to know to stay competitive – and gain the edge that competition.

Next in Laundry Equipment Technology?

Everyone loves equipment that does the job, and all the thinking, for you. That’s why Smart laundry technology is here and it’s revolutionising laundry operations, with the help of Internet of Things (IoT).

Picture this: A future in which all fabrics have special tags that describe the material it’s made of and if the fabric has been used or worn. No more sorting, no wasting time manually removing stains from clothing. The whole process is fine-tuned to save time, and money. Don’t worry, you don’t have to imagine this for much longer, the future is coming!

What do we love more than saving time and money? Our phones. The design of laundry machinery itself is beginning to change to replicate how we interact with our phones. Out with the dials, and in with the touch screen and voice activation. With the technology in machines advancing, soon we’ll be able to program more customisable cycles relevant to individual needs.

Additionally, smart technology will be able to measure chemical products, electricity, water and resources to the exact amount needed for the washing load.

Trends to Expect by 2030

New laundry treatments: With new machine technology in the works, touch screens will soon be the norm for your home, commercial and industrial washer machines. And with touch screen technology comes more customisable programs. In particular – garment composition. Technology has made blending fibres feasible, and now laundry technology is catching up to the trend.

Detergent ingredients: The pressure being put on the ecosystem has forced the laundry industry to rethink the need for particular chemicals in laundry operations. Greener alternatives are trending as a favourite amongst consumers, and in many cases these are set to become the replacement for harsher chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Trends

Going green is a great way to attract new customers. Everyone wants to feel like their actions are positively impacting the environment, and if the price is good then it’s a bonus! The easiest way to make the green change to your laundry is to upgrade to efficient machinery. Eco-friendly machines have the ability to fine-tune the amount of water and product needed for the load. Additionally it can maintain a consistent temperature throughout the wash.

Time-Saving Technology

Time is money, and in the laundry biz it’s all about time efficiency. With the introduction of smart laundry technology, time-saving operations are here and they’re changing the laundry game forever. Changes include fine tuned run times per laundry load. The benefit of fine tuned run times means machines are relieved from being overrun, and reduced wear and tear.

With machines running efficiently and at full capacity, laundry will be cleaned more efficiently. The time saved from doing one wash instead of two is a big time saver.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the future, contact us today to learn more about our high efficiency commercial and industrial washer and dryers.

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