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Do you find yourself running the washer and dryer constantly? Are you washing heavy or specialised materials? Do you have a business that requires a lot of washing? Have you had washers and dryers break on you? Maybe you’re planning on starting a laundromat?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to think about Commercial Laundry Equipment.

The initial cost is higher, but with better equipment can come faster wash times, savings on water and energy, increased business capacity, and higher profits.

We don’t want you to miss out, so today, we’re going to help you decide whether it’s time for you to make that upgrade.

Should You Upgrade To Commercial Laundry Equipment? Consider the Following:

You Have Large Loads to Wash

Running load after load on a residential washer is neither time or cost efficient. Overloading a residential machine or running constant loads will wear it out – eventually causing it to degrade and break.

Commercial washers are built for larger capacity and built to run loads often, consistently, and for many years.

You Run the Washer Every Day

Residential washers are built to handle the needs of a family – several loads per week at most.

Commercial machines will handle your needs more gracefully. The higher-capacity, bigger loads use less water than heaps of small ones, and a longer-lasting machine will save you on repairs and replacement. Also, Commercial Laundry Machines are built to be serviced, so even if a breakdown does occur, there’s an inexpensive fix.

You Wash Heavy or Specialised Materials

Load after load of towels, blankets, denim, or any heavy textile will take a toll on any residential washer or dryer.

Commercial Laundry offers models specifically designed to handle these materials. You’ll get a better clean, and your machine will last longer.

Your Laundry Needs Involve Customer Service or Healthcare

If your laundry is part of a service you offer, it must be up to standards just like any other part of your business.

Consistent customer service (and therefore consistently clean laundry) is make-or-break for your business. And the healthcare world is subject to strict laws and regulations around laundry. If your laundry isn’t brought to a certain temperature to disinfect linens, among other requirements, you could be breaking the law. Check your local laundry regulations, and make sure your laundry equipment can deliver!

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We’re always happy to talk if you need advice, or you can go straight to browsing equipment and reading up on our website.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading, get in touch.

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