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As it sits, the global commercial heavy-duty laundry market is valued at 2250 million USD. By 2025, it’s predicted to hit 2710 million USD.  That’s about 700 million USD in growth over the next 6 years! How can your laundry business grab a piece of it? Plan for expansion and stay competitive.

A study by QY Research suggests that due to the economic crisis, commercial and industrial laundry businesses have been developing rapidly over the last few years. With the advancement of technology, commercial and industrial machine manufacturers need to focus on how they can implement advanced technology into their machinery.

Moving forward, there are important factors to consider when planning a commercial laundry business, to ensure you remain  sustainable long into the future – where you can enjoy some of the market growth being predicted.

Square Metres

The amount of space you have will impact how many machines you can use and how much laundry you have the capacity to wash. Plan your business for potential expansion – you won’t regret it.

Need help planning a laundry facility? We can help you design & install a laundry.

Water Supply

Large commercial and industrial washers sometimes need more than the standard fill line. A bottleneck in waterflow can slow down your machine. To minimise complications, be sure that you know what your equipment needs to operate successfully.

Water Heater

Much like water flow, a heater can cause bottlenecks in the water supply if it’s not reaching capacity. Check out recovery times and storage volume of your water heater to ensure the heater can support your machines.

Dryer Exhaust

Dryers have mechanical and legal requirements for letting off hot air. Ensure the space you’re in has the correct ventilation.

What’s Next?

To get the most out of your space, water, energy, chemical product and machinery, you need to consider their efficiencies. Innovation in laundry technology is essential to the longevity of a laundry service. Utilise the space you’re in more efficiently by obtaining more machinery and services to occupy the customer. The consumption of water, energy and chemical products should be kept low to minimise waste.

The future of laundry will focus on the latest technological trends, energy saving and consumer expectations. Prepare your laundry for the future by contacting Dependable Laundry Solutions for the best energy efficient commercial and industrial washing machines on the Australian market.

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