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In a world where customers are expecting more, faster, and better service in every aspect of their lives, it pays to have control. And because society’s demand for convenience extends even to the need for laundry, it pays for those who provide laundry to have control over the whole laundry process.

Businesses that outsource laundry, such as accommodation and healthcare, now deal with the issue of having limited options when it comes to laundry. In most situations, customer service depends mostly on that outsourced provider.

For this reason, more businesses are bringing laundry ops in-house to control timing, customer service, quality control and service costs.

Here is a list of the upsides to bringing laundry in-house, and ways how you could apply the in-house benefits to your business.


A vendor doesn’t run on your schedule, nor can they offer special treatment to your priorities… without charging a hefty rush fee. Outsourcing is dangerous for your business if you’re making promises to your customers that you have no control over.

In-house laundry allows you to prioritise jobs, and optimise the time they take from start to finish.

Quality Control

When you outsource the laundry process, a big part of customer satisfaction is being outsourced as well.

With in-house laundry, the quality of the wash can be controlled and monitored from start to finish, from chemicals, temperature of water and amount of water used. With this control, you can ensure that all fabrics are processed to a correct standard, and all customers get what they want.

Who knows – once the laundry room is yours to control, you may even develop entire new offerings (and profit sources) depending on what customers want.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing laundry is easier in the short run, but over time the cost of the process can easily outweigh the upshot.

Optimise your process, save on utilities and energy, respond to customer demands and market advances, and basically do the job of laundry as well as you do the rest of your business – it’s all in your hands if you bring laundry under your own roof.

What’s Next?

If you’re convinced and want to bring your laundry in-house, we’ve got you covered. Dependable Laundry Solutions has 40 years experience supplying quality Maytag and Girbau machinery, spare parts and professional servicing. If you are looking to buy an industrial washing machine, or to learn more about how to plan your own laundry service, contact us today.

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