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Whether you run a commercial laundromat, hotel laundry service, or some other laundry-intensive operation, the cost of running equipment and upkeep of resources can add up to a costly expense every month.  And often, a utility bill doesn’t give the full picture of the cost of operating a commercial or industrial laundry.

A solution to the question “how much does laundry cost my business?” can be tricky to find when usage is unpredictable, involves various inputs and outputs, and is just difficult to track accurately. Read on to to see our laundry costs breakdown, and what washer machines are going to give you the most bang for your buck.


An unavoidable cost to any launderer are the chemicals used to clean fabrics. Depending on the job at hand, chemicals used in a single wash can range from basic detergent to bleach and stain removers, or specialised cleaning agents.

The big questions here are 1) what kind of chemicals are you using? And 2) are you using them efficiently? Researching exactly the recommended amount of chemical for a given amount of laundry and water level can save you heaps in the long run. Because this is a massive pain (and hard to control when various different employees are performing the task), some laundry machines do this measuring for you.

If you’re interested, have a look at some of our sophisticated washing machines, which can carefully measure chemical amounts and even be automated to introduce different chemicals at different phases during a wash.


On a given month, the cost of water is dependent on the amount of laundry processed. However, reducing the amount of laundry being processed isn’t a win for a laundromat wanting to increase customers using the service. Much like the utility costs, the amount of water used throughout the month is difficult to track.

However, water monitor attachments and water efficient machines are available to track how much water is required for each cycle. This data allows laundry owners to assess the amount of water and chemicals needed, without letting anything go to waste.


Typical laundry labour includes loading, unloading and folding fabrics, payroll and customer service. Making these simple tasks as efficient as possible can save you hours a day – and many thousands in payroll costs per month.

Also, the implementation of mechanical equipment is making some labour supported processes redundant. Laundry technology is set to improve over the coming years, which is expected to reduce the cost of labour throughout laundries.


There is nothing worse than broken equipment when you don’t have time for broken equipment. Washing machines in commercial and industrial laundries are often running 24 hours a day, with little idle time. It makes sense that the frequent use takes a toll on the machinery.

As laundry owners, it’s important to budget for regular maintenance to ensure the machines are readily available, especially during peak periods. Regular maintenance is recommended to replace worn parts before it breaks down during use. Maintenance contracts with spare parts and machinery suppliers is the best cost-effective solution.

Dependable Laundry Solutions is a leading supplier of Maytag and Girbau machines, professional service and spare parts. DLS offers efficient machines to ensure you get the most out of your equipment for your money. Once you’ve purchased a washing machine or dryer from DLS we offer a range of support services for commercial and industrial washing machine repairs.

Maytag machines are designed to endure demanding workloads, but like any quality machine, wear and tear can occur over time. DLS is available to support you with professional servicing, technical instruction, genuine parts to assist you throughout the life of your Maytag machine.

If you’re looking to buy a commercial or industrial washing machine visit our website or contact us now.

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