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Whether we like it or not, the world is changing. No industry remains the same – not even the laundry business. But we shouldn’t fear change, rather we should embrace the benefits that change brings.

We’ve compiled a list that will help you do just that: 2018 trends in the laundry business, everything you need to know to stay current, and what you should do to prepare for what’s around the bend.

Smart laundry

Technology will be your best friend. With all the noise and chaos that goes on in the laundry industry, technology is cutting through it and optimising the workflow. The internet allows us to now organise and track methods better than ever before. Additionally, we can measure the resources we use, minimise waste and identify what we could do with more of. From electricity, water and chemical, we have the power to analyse our usage work to make changes in our processes.

Soon, washers won’t be operated by the old knob and dial. It’ll all be screens. We for one can’t wait to see the washer technology evolve.


Eco-friendly products and services are slowly creeping their way into the laundry industry, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. To power a commercial laundry you need water, energy and money. But with water consumption becoming stricter, the laundry industry is looking for ways to reduce water usage without compromising the quality of the wash.

Efficient and programmable machines are changing the game completely. Not only are they reducing water usage, they also change the number of chemicals needed to complete a satisfactory wash. With reductions across the board in water consumption and washer resources, the industry is making a big positive change!

Advances in chemicals & detergent

Along the same lines as the sustainability trend, consumption of chemicals and detergent could be changing soon as well. The laundry industry is always looking for ways to reduce costs, and the latest inventions are only just around the corner. We can recommend a few different laundry chemical suppliers for your Industrial Washers auto chemical feed to ensure you are using the most environmentally friendly chemicals that don’t hurt your hip pocket.

Beyond the bend

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but today, the industry is making positive strides towards a more sustainable and smarter laundry future. For more information about our latest technology and solutions contact Dependable Laundry Solutions.

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