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All the way back in 2008, the president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association, Brian Wallace, said that “the [laundry] industry is getting a facelift.” Ten years later and we’re happy to say that Mr. Wallace was right. The laundry industry has indeed been given a facelift, and what was once a drab business born of necessity is now a welcome addition to busy streets.

If you’re thinking of setting up a commercial coin laundry, there is certainly space for you, but before you get started it’s important that you’ve taken everything into consideration.

To help you out, here is a brief guideline on how to set up a commercial coin laundry:


Ensuring you’ve selected a space that gives you adequate room to make your vision into a reality is one of the most important aspects of setting up your commercial coin laundry. Remember: an area might seem spacious at first sight, but will it look quite so roomy with the addition of several large machines?

When it comes to finding the perfect space for your laundry, measurements are your friend. Take accurate measurements of the floor space, the length of the walls, everything, and then take those measurements to a trusted washing machine provider. Together, you will be able to work out exactly what you need to make your laundry space one that is inviting as well as efficient.

Also, consider structural factors. Can you mount high-spin speed washers to the floor and keep them secure? Can you run dryer vents through walls or ceilings in accordance with your local regulations? Research, enquire, and make these top of mind when eyeing up space.


You’ll be hard-pressed to win the loyalty of your patrons if they don’t even know where to find you, or if, once they have found you, it takes them an hour to get parked. Once decided on your location, think about it in terms of your customer. You want to make it as easy as possible for them. With that in mind, you’ll want somewhere that’s close to other shops, so they have something to do while waiting for their wash to finish. Ample parking spaces, or even free parking, would be another significant bonus.

Ultimately, you don’t want your customers to think of coming to your laundry as being a taxing chore. The easier you make things for them, the more they’ll thank you for it.

Equipment Selection

The decision to open a laundry isn’t one that should be taken lightly, and whether you’re starting from scratch or purchasing laundry machines for renovation or upgrade, there is a lot of investment involved. Not only will you need the funds to rent or purchase the space, there will also be utility bills, which run high in laundromats that garner a lot of business, and the cost of the equipment.

The equipment you choose will depend on both the space you have available and your funds, but there are a variety of options on offer. From top load to front load, coin to cashless, single to stackable, and electric to gas-run, there are washers are dryers to suit your needs.

At Dependable Laundry Services, we have a wide range of commercial coin operated washing machines for sale. To take a look at our selection, visit our website today.

Customer Comfort

As we said before, a successful laundry is all about the customer. Will laundry ever be seen as something fun to do on a weekend? Probably not. But it can certainly become less of a chore and more of convenience to your customers.

As time goes on, more and more laundries are making use of their space to provide more than just their initial laundry service to their customers. Whether it’s something as simple as adding a coffee machine and a few books and games to a comfortable seating area or something more complex, like adding a mini shop or hairdressers to your services, laundry owners all over the world are finding new and creative ways to grab their customer’s attention.

Alongside this, making sure to hire staff that are friendly, knowledgeable, and on hand to help whenever your customers need them goes a long way in curating a customer-base of loyal and happy people.

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