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When you’re looking down the barrel of dryer or washing machine repairs, it’s a question on everyone’s mind – should I repair, or replace?

It’s hard to know which option will serve you best and cost you less.

Here is a ‘how to’ guide to help you decide when the time might be right to repair or replace.

1. Noise

Things that go “bump” during the cycle…. or any other odd tapping, whirring, clicking, or pumping noises, could indicate something has gone awry.

The first step is to check your machine is balanced; that the load is even and the position of the machine on its feet is not on a slope. If this is in order and you still notice unusual sounds during your machine’s operation, it’s time for a repair assessment.

2. Leaks

A leak is not one to ignore – it needs your attention, stat!

The first time your machine leaks, it’s time to call for help.

A leak could have multiple causes, a seal, a cracked drum, a worn seal, a pip with damage. The variety of problems means there are a variety of fixes.

A repair assessment will give you a better idea on the cause of the problem and therefore the solution or replacement.

3. Vibration

Your machine should not be following you around the room! Too much movement within the machine can cause it to vibrate and move from its proper, static position.

This could come with an unusual noise, and the first step in resolution is the same as a noise resolution – check the machine is balanced within the load and balanced on its feet.

A moving machine is not one to ignore, as it could lead to a big mess if the “walk” disconnects the machine from water pipes!

4. Lengthy Cycle

When a spin takes longer than you expect, when the timer doesn’t seem to run down, when the dryer is going for a long time without having much effect, these are a big red flag! Over-running machines are an indication something isn’t right with the computerised systems.

A dryer that’s over-running could also have other, more seriously associated risk, as it may ignite fires, so a long cycle is not something to endure and put up with. It’s a call for help!

5. Poor results

When you notice stains that don’t budge, dripping items, washing solution remnants, water left in the tub, it’s an indication your machine is not working at its prime and is likely to keep deteriorating, or remain operating at a sub-par level as components have malfunctioned.

Don’t wait for a miraculous turn around, it’s not likely to get any better. This is a time to call in reinforcements.

6. Age vs repair cost

Just like you would assess your car repair vs replace, when the cost of the repair is greater than the value the machine has left to offer, it may be time to consider a replacement.

An older machine, even after repair could incur greater costs in electricity water use, quality, wear on the motor and system pressure.

Maytag commercial and industrial washer and dryers offer the longest warranty in the industry, and Dependable Laundry Solutions are Australia’s sole distributor – this could save you in the long run, with peace of mind and money in the bank longer.

Dependable Laundry Solutions

When you need a repair, there’s no one else to call but the repair experts with the most reliable service in the industry – Dependable Laundry Solutions are here to save the day!

We know you need your machines up and running with minimal downtime, wherever you are. We can reach every corner, and remote location in Australia, with dedicated service and repair of any brand of machine as well as the best stocked spare parts warehouse in the country.

If you need a repair or replacement assessment, contact Dependable Laundry Solutions on 1800 629 824 or click here!

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