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Coin-operated or credit card laundromats? That is the question. Worry not, we’re not going to ask you to flip a coin to decide!

Cashless laundromats are starting to become the norm, especially in the context of a pandemic, which is forcing us to stay clear of cash or coins. Plus, let’s be honest: who carries around coins these days?

If you want your laundry business to keep up with the times and truly offer your clients as much convenience as possible, read on and find out why a cashless laundromat is the best investment you can make right now.

1. Flexibility

Unless you enjoy working in 1-dollar increments, switching to a cashless payment option seems like a natural step when you own a laundromat. Not only do you not need to do any coin-counting, but managing your funds becomes a lot easier and faster and you can use online reports to stay on top of things. You can also adjust the pricing as you see fit – just imagine what a difference multi-pricing would make for your business when you can put pricing up by 20 cents instead of jumping by a dollar every time.

The flexibility also applies to the deals and promotions you run. You can easily engage with your customers and create a customised experience by introducing discounted pricing on set days or times to drive loads of laundry in what would have been your quite times.

2. Increased revenue

Limiting people to using coins means you can’t freely upsell any services – that would mean making them search for more coins (there’s nothing more frustrating than searching for coins in a bag, as anyone will confirm). Nothing guarantees that these customers won’t turn to your competition if it offers them a cashless payment option!

A cashless laundromat changes everything. Since you’re not asking your customers to carry coins in their pockets and instead you’re offering them a simple, tap and pay solution, you’ll be happy to learn that this also increases your profits. People naturally spend more money when they pay with their cards.

3. Reach a new audience

You might have quite a few loyal customers that have been using your laundromat for ages. Some might even have a nostalgic attachment to using coins at the laundromat! However, you can be sure that younger generations don’t use coins – and they don’t intend to change their ways, given the convenience of card or smartphone payments. The moment you switch to cashless laundry machines, you can expect a lot more young customers.

Switching to a credit card laundromat might be intimidating at first, but rest assured it’s well worth the effort and investment. Cashless laundry machines are easy to install and manage, you might just need to change the accounting system and do a few training sessions with your staff.

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