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Coin operated laundry has long been an industry staple, but customers migrated to credit cards decades ago. It’s tough to stomach the cost of upgrading your equipment and system, but we’ve got good news for you – if you use Maytag Commercial or Industrial Laundry Equipment, you can update coin operated machines to accept credit cards!

Why Choose Coin Over Card

It’s Easy for the Customer

Tapping a card is easier than carrying and counting up spare change. People already use cards for most purchases – your laundry should be no different.

It’s Easy for You

Your customers won’t have to count change – and you won’t either! Stop fiddling with coins and wasting time driving to the bank, upgrade to a card system that automatically deposits the money straight into your bank account, and lets you track revenue with the click of a button. Removing coins also means you aren’t as vulnerable to break-ins.

It’s Profitable

There are a few reasons why card operated laundries stand to make more than coin operated ones. One – studies have shown that customers usually spend more when they can use cards then when they use cash. Two – card reading systems let you change price easily, offer discounts, and respond to supply and demand so that you can keep your business profitable and your customers loyal. And three – you’ll save time and money on operational costs without the hassle of coins.

How to Make the Switch

Can My Machines be Upgraded?

If you’ve got a Maytag with a digital display, the answer is yes. Any Maytag Commercial or Industrial unit with digital display can be converted to a Card Reading machine. At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we offer a retrofit kit with everything you need to make the switch. Includes card reader, sim card and mounting plate.

I Want to Upgrade – Will I Need to Make Changes to Plant and Facility?

Nope, only your machines need to be updated. You won’t need extra power points, you won’t need additional internet or WIFI connections, or anything else. If you get the upgrade kit from us, everything comes included. If you have Mobile phone reception, your card reader will work.

How Would I Receive and Process Payments?

You are free to choose from several third-party payment processors. Our third-party processor covers all fees so you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own solution here.

Want to Make the Upgrade?

There you have it – one simple upgrade that can unlock new worlds of profit, flexibility, and customer satisfaction for your laundry equipment.

If you’re interested in upgrading to card, or maybe buying some new card-capable machines, contact us for details.

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