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Many of us might not fully appreciate the advantages of a coin-operated washing machine or dryer until we go on an extended holiday or move somewhere temporarily and don’t have access to our own home machine.

It really comes down to convenience. A coin laundromat provides topnotch washing and drying services when and where you need it and allows the convenience of paying with the spare change we all have lying around.

So what else do people love about the good ‘ol fashion coin laundromat?

1. Wash More Clothes At Once

Domestic washing machines have a limited capacity, whereas commercial coin operated washers can go much higher than that. This means you can wash more clothes at once and don’t need to wait around for multiple loads to finish – an advantage big families can appreciate!

Need to do separate loads because of different colours, materials and washing instructions? No problem! A coin laundromat also allows you to separately wash your laundry by using multiple machines at the same time, which means you won’t have to spend a whole day playing catch up at home!

A coin laundromat is also ideal for washing bed sheets, curtains, sleeping bags and larger fabrics that might not fit into a regular washing machine.

2. More sustainable

We’ve all reached a point where we should be more careful with our water usage. Water consumption is a financial and environmental concern for laundromats, which means it’s important to invest in high efficiency machines. Laundromats might not have been water and energy-efficient in the past, but modern commercial laundry machines are designed to use less water and electricity.

The fact that you can wash more clothes AND use less water should be a convincing enough argument in favour of using a coin laundromat.

3. Extra services

Modern laundromats offer an array of services that make the customer’s life that much easier. Many coin laundromats will also offer drying, ironing and folding services. Be honest: when’s the last time you ironed your clothes unless you REALLY had to? Most people don’t have the time or the energy to iron and fold!

Two other services that really appeal to clients are alteration services and pet-only washing machines (which is comforting for people who have pet allergies).

As you can see, using a coin laundromat has plenty of advantages and it’s a great solution for people who don’t have their own washing machines or simply want to save time and energy when it comes to doing laundry.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we specialise in commercial washers and dryers. Our expert team can help you build out a commercial laundromat your customers will love! Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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