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An industrial washer is a critical investment for your business. Making an informed decision is important to your costs, operations and potential for success. The capabilities, specifications and quality of your laundry machines can create incredible improvements for your business – if they are properly considered.

In order to simplify the shopping process for you, we’ve put together some important features and considerations about Girbau hard-mount washing machines. Read on for details about the RMG high speed hard-mount series, and the RMS medium speed hard-mount series.

Will Hard-Mount Washers Fit Your Facility?

The RMG and RMS series are hard-mount washers. This means they must be mounted to the floor of your facility so that the vibrations during spin cycle don’t damage the machine or the flooring on which they sit.

The floor or mounting surface must meet certain technical specifications in order to suit a hard-mount washer. Determining whether your facility is a good fit for hard-mount washers is a critical first step in the consideration phase.

For info and tips on this process, visit our page on finding out which laundry machines suit your facility. And of course, feel free to contact us for help or advice.

If your facility meets the specs, hard-mount washers are a great solution at an affordable cost. If your facility is not right for hard-mount, your answer will be soft-mount washers. Soft-mount washers are higher cost machines but offer easy installation and a number of advanced features not available in the hard-mount series.

For more info and tips on soft-mount washers, visit our article on Girbau soft-mount washers.

Features and Advantages

Girbau’s RMG high-speed and RMS medium-speed washers offer a number of features and specifications that can bring efficiencies of process and water/energy use to your operation.

Spin Speeds are as follows:

  • RMG high-speed series: up to 200G
  • RMS medium-speed series: up to 154G

Water and Energy consumption are reduced by several technologies unique to Girbau.

  • Aqua Fall technology minimises the amount of water needed for washing while reducing cycle time.
  • Aqua Mixer technology regulates water temperature precisely, saving energy and reducing cycle time.
  • Just In Load technology adjusts water consumption and dosing time to suit each load. This ensures only the exact needed amount of water, energy and cleaning product is used for each load.

Durability, Productivity, and Safety are improved by the RMG and RMS series’ virtually maintenance-free design, which also ensures a long working life for each machine. Double safety features mean machines only operate when doors are closed and locked, improving safety.

For a full list of specifications and features, view the RMG / RMS series brochure from Girbau.

Automation and Custom Programming

The ability to set custom wash parameters or use quick default settings to speed up the process and improve water and energy efficiency are key factors in your choice of industrial laundry machines.

Programming options vary by model, and include up to the following:

  • Up to 25 configurable wash programs
  • Up to 11 phases per program
  • Up to 6 water level settings
  • Simultaneous dosing of two products
  • Adjustable length of dosing signal
  • Connection to external chemical dosing system
  • Manually adjust parameters during washing
  • Just in Load: Automatic load detection and proportional use of water and detergent
  • Machines available in vended (coin operated or credit card) or OPL options

The RMG Series: Model Numbers and Capacity Range

Model Capacity
RMG613 13kg
RMG617 17kg
RMG623 23kg
RMG628 28kg

For a full list of specifications and features, view the RMG / RMS series brochure from Girbau.

Shopping for Hard Mount Washers in Australia

If you’re in the market for industrial washing machines in Australia, we hope you’ll consider us at Dependable Laundry Solutions.

We serve nationwide, we come from 40 years of supplying laundry equipment to Australia, and we look forward to the chance at helping you improve your business with great laundry machines.

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